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Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Christmas

With the holidays just around the corner and in light of the latest lockdown measures, now is the perfect time for businesses to get their gardens, balconies, terraces and patios festive-ready. Whether a café, restaurant or pub, everyone knows just how important it is to make sure venues and outdoor spaces are ready for Christmas.

With lockdown measures set to ease up at the start of December, those in the hospitality sector should spend this time preparing for the Christmas rush, ready to hit the ground running in a few weeks’ time.

outdoor bromic heatersMake Sure the Outdoor Space is Warm and Inviting

The first order of business is adding heating to any outdoor areas. Winter may mean cold weather, but people will be more than happy to brave it during the holidays – so, why not ensure they have a warm space to eat, drink and be merry?

Our Bromic heaters are a must when it comes to making gardens and patios inviting and cosy. Not only do we have a vast range on offer, which means you’ll find the model that meets your exact needs with us, but our heaters are also capable of withstanding even the harshest of weather conditions.

These durable and long-lasting heaters are also visually pleasing and perfect for any commercial outdoor space. After all, efficiency, user-friendliness and performance are key values that Bromic always lives up to.

Our Bromic Platinum Gas model is a robust heater with a pivot arm that allows it to be positioned as needed. Made from stainless steel and built to withstand high temperatures, this is a heater that will last many winters. Its stylish look, remote control capability and efficiency even in winds of up to 14km/h make this top choice for many venues, from dining terraces to beer gardens.

bromic heaterHave Plenty of Seating

It’s likely that, even when lockdown is lifted, social distancing will still be place, so, by ensuring plenty of seating for everyone, venues can accommodate more customers. And people will certainly want to visit pubs, bars, and restaurants, during the holidays, as this is the season to spend time with family and friends.

People also want to escape their busy routines during the holidays, and a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space can help with that. Chairs with pillows, sofas, beanbags; there are endless possibilities for comfortable seating customers will want to spend time in.

Add Lighting for Ambience

The right lighting helps a space to shine. The first thing to add are Christmas lights, which could be anything, including:

  • Lights from a Christmas tree
  • Decorative lighting covering the exterior of the building
  • Fairy lights or even lights that spell a holiday message

You may also want to consider colourful lights, since they’re eye-catching and allow businesses to include their brand colours into the décor.

Another reason why lighting is a great choice for commercial spaces during Christmas is that they help them stand out from the competition. Other pubs and restaurants will be decorated for the festive season, so lighting can be a good way to do something different.

With their glow, our Bromic heaters will also contribute to the ambience of an outdoor space. Just take a look at our Tungsten Smart Heaters, which are ideal for businesses like restaurants and bars, especially for those wanting to make the most of their outdoors.

Part of the Bromic Electric Heaters range, this model emits a low intensity glow that is perfect for adding a subtle atmosphere to any environment. Complementing this glow is a gorgeous design that provides heat to a larger and wider area.

This heater can also be installed in places with minimal vertical clearance space, so under-awning areas and low ceilings can greatly benefit from it.

tungsten smart heaterDecorate for the Holiday Season

Businesses can also add Christmas decorations to their outdoor space, ensuring it looks cosy, festive and fun. For example, great Christmas décor can help fairy lights to look even more beautiful or can boost the aesthetic of a seating area.

Having a big tree with tinsel and baubles is almost expected (but still a very welcome element in commercial venues, both indoors or outdoors), but you can also add fake snow (since it helps the atmosphere without making the space colder), spread out ornaments across tables and surfaces, hang mistletoe, and offer candy canes to everyone – especially the kids, who will certainly appreciate it!

Smart Fire offers many options for commercial outdoor spaces that perform well in any weather, look fantastic in any setting and helps businesses to save energy. From commercial patio heaters to commercial infrared heaters and outdoor gas or electric heaters, you’ll find them all at Smart Fire. To learn more about how these heaters can help venues to prepare for Christmas, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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