Commercial Outdoor Heaters

Bromic heaters have revolutionised the industry with innovative outdoor electric and gas heating solutions for both commercial and residential applications that feature a range of benefits never seen before in traditional commercial outdoor gas heaters or commercial outdoor electric heaters.

Born out of a desire to develop pioneering products, the Bromic Heating Smart-Heat™ range combines revolutionary technical advancements with a modern design aesthetic. Their engineers have carefully considered the end user requirements of each outdoor heater in the range to ensure the delivery of the highest standards of efficiency, usability, and performance.

Stylish and unique, Bromic Heating’s Smart-Heat™ range has been designed to blend into any contemporary setting. Available as gas or electric-powered options and with the addition of the new portable model – Bromic heaters are the smart choice for any outdoor space, from a domestic patio area to a commercial dining terrace.

Range of Bromic Heaters

Bromic heaters are recognised for superior design and brilliant performance. The brand has a superb range of gas and electric heaters for any setting and serves luxury hotels, leading restaurants and distinguished outdoor kitchens with commercial outdoor heaters. Bromic deliver the perfect balance of reliability, performance, and style.

Bromic Electric and Gas Heaters

Heating outside spaces is one of the best ways to make the most of them in the UK. With our climate and unpredictable weather, outdoor heaters allow for extended use of outdoor space for your customers. If space is at a premium, or for any reason fixed heating isn’t the right solution for you, Bromic offer portable gas heaters which last for up to 17 hours and emit radiant heat. Radiant heat feels like the sun, warming objects rather than the air around them; a much more effective solution to heating an area. A fixed option for gas and electric radiant heaters is offered too. Electric radiant heaters are a preferred environmentally friendly option and can be installed in enclosed outdoor spaces, like an orangery. The Bromic gas heater options come with a higher wind resistance so they are better suited to large and open spaces.

Commercial Outdoor Heaters at Smart Fire

At Smart Fire, we stock various commercial outdoor electric heaters and commercial outdoor gas heaters from Bromic. We have both the Platinum range, which you can count on for its long-lasting performance and durability, and the Tungsten range, which innovatively manipulates infrared heat to maximise performance and comes with wireless control capabilities.

Every Bromic electric and gas heater has been designed and engineered to ensure quality and durability for your commercial premises. The products are constructed from premium materials and provide the perfect balance of performance and beauty. From heating products that blend into the background or create a statement for your outdoor commercial space, you’ll find it all from Bromic. Browse our range of Bromic gas heaters and Bromic electric heaters to find your ideal commercial outdoor heating solution.

Advantages of Bromic Heaters:

  • Even distribution of warmth and coverage of up to 200ft
  • Elegant aesthetics and modular designs
  • Smart safety system
  • Ceramic burner enables superb heat efficiency
  • Flexible and adjustable heating settings
  • Directional or spot heating as required
  • Resistant to wind to deliver consistent heat
  • Highly cost effective
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