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The fireplace is the heart of any home. At Smart Fire, we understand this, which is why we serve as the exclusive UK distributor for a wide range of clean-burning bioethanol fires from the innovation leading brand NeverDark. These bioethanol fires can be easily placed inside a building as a phenomenal statement feature, and some installed within an outdoor fireplace for the perfect garden or terrace accessory. With our fireplace expertise and experience stretching back to the early 1970s, opting for one of our ventless fires is the perfect way to add a little bit of class and lavish luxury to any property, and so we distribute these fires wholesale to your company, enabling your customers to benefit from the best possible selection of designs, as well as our proven track record and competitive prices.

Stylish, Eco-Friendly Biofuel Fireplaces for Domestic & Commercial Installation

As a distributor company, we supply a vast range of eco-friendly biofuel fires. The lack of a flue is one of the major advantages of bioethanol designs. It allows the installation process to be extremely flexible, and we can work with individuals such as architects or designers to ensure that this process is also as smooth as possible. Always of course in line with client requirements. This absence of a flue means that our bioethanol fires (or biofuel) do not need a chimney, and as a result they will save the owner both money and space. Contrary to what some think, they’re also highly efficient in terms of heat output (this is often adjustable) too, they are far from being purely decorative. However, with customisable flame sizes and other visually pleasing features, they’re undeniably that also!

The lack of a flue doesn’t mean a uniform design, though, as our diverse products also include bioethanol burners in fireboxes, among other models, which look equally attractive within either a home or in a commercial environment. As if this wasn’t enough, biofuel fires require minimal cleaning and maintenance. They are easy-to-install, offer zero combustibility, and therefore the fireboxes can be set into a wooden backdrop or even placed below TVs. In fact, we are able to install these ventless fires literally anywhere that’s specified, such as the loft, a top floor flat, down in the basement, the bedroom, or just in the living room – the only thing holding us back is the imagination of the customer! We can achieve whatever design desires they want.

As the UK’s leading supplier of these biofuel fires, Smart Fire have worked on projects involving some of the leading hotels in the world – including The Mandarin, The Savoy, The Belgraves, The Mayfair and The Dorchester – to provide feature fires like no other. When you come to us as your fireplace distributor or to buy biofuel, you’re coming to the best in the business.

Eco Fires with Only Natural Carbon Dioxide Emissions

GlammFire Bioethanol fires only produce carbon dioxide – a gas that we naturally breathe out – and bioethanol will be the only liquid fuel source on the planet to decrease in price as time goes by. Therefore, it’s an investment for the future, and one that can easily replace a more traditional coal, wood or gas fire. Biofuel fires perfectly complement central or underfloor heating as well, so, as our bioethanol fires also come with high safety accreditations, there are plenty of reasons for customers to invest in them.

Smart Fire is a company that understands the importance of efficiency, but we also believe in variety. We specialise in GlammFire products, but we also provide Igneous heaters (our very own brand of domestic and commercial infrared heater) as well as an array of outdoor gas Bromic heaters that are ideal for quickly heating up most outdoor spaces. Whatever a property owner imagines within their interior (or exterior) design dreams, Smart Fire can help the realisation of those visions with a stunning designer fireplace.

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The possibilities really are endless when it comes to biofuel fires, so be sure to browse our contemporary bioethanol fires range, as these models are suitable for homes, hotels, restaurants or nightclubs. For more information, or to ask about brochures or technical details concerning a particular ethanol fire, please get in touch with our professional team, who will be more than happy to help. Simply contact us on +44 (0)20 7384 1677 to enquire today!

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