Exclusive Look at the GlammFire Bioethanol Burner Range

We’re always looking for ways to ensure that our customers get only the best products available, which is why we partnered with GlammFire. Boasting a variety of beautiful designs you’ll fall in love with, Portuguese brand GlammFire is a leader in the world of contemporary fireplaces. The company’s bioethanol fires are not just ultra-modern but also crafted with the highest quality in mind. Read More

How a Fireplace Can Transform a Room

A bioethanol fireplace isn’t just a great asset in an interior design project in terms of space and money – it is also an interior designer’s dream for completely transforming a room.

The feel and aesthetic of a room can be converted to a haven of tranquillity and style with one simple addition – a bioethanol fire. Not only does the room open up due to size benefits, but the cosiness levels peak.

It’s true when they say a fireplace can completely alter a rooms décor, and as an interior designer, it can really be a vital tool in your arsenal.

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