How You Can Save Space with Bioethanol Fires

If you’re working on a home with limited space, you may find it difficult to justify the decision to install a fireplace that will take away from what little space there is. However, Smart Fire provides bioethanol fires that are perfect for the modern home, no matter how large or small it is. This means you don’t have to compromise style or functionality in favour of size; if your client wishes to benefit from a beautiful cosy fire, then they should be able to. Read More

Top Things to Look For in a Bioethanol Fire

Whether it’s winter or spring, one thing is true: bioethanol fires are perfect all year round. Even with the warmth of spring slowly making its way towards us, no décor can be truly complete without the appeal of a bioethanol fire – not only do they make great focal points, but they also offer unparalleled heat and aesthetics. Taking into consideration your clients’ décor, choosing the right fire for their home is crucial. Here’s a look at everything you should keep in mind before making such an important decision: Read More