Do Bioethanol Fires Produce Heat?

Bioethanol fires are a great alternative to burning wood logs in a working fireplace. They are much more convenient to use, requiring virtually no clean-up, and you do not need access to a working flue or chimney. You can even get portable bioethanol fires that can be moved between rooms or even outside to where you need them.

You may be thinking that these kinds of fires just mimic real flames without providing any of the heat. But that’s not the case. Bioethanol fires produce both the heat and light of traditional fires so that you can get all the benefits of a fireplace with much more convenience.

GlammBox EVOPlus Bioethanol BurnerHow Much Heat Do Bioethanol Fires Give Off?

In general, bioethanol fires produce around three kilowatt-hours of heat when the gauge is fully open. For some perspective on heat levels, an electric heater generates around two kilowatt-hours of heat, so a bioethanol fireplace will keep you suitably warm. The temperature is also adjustable, so you can increase and reduce the heat to your specific needs.

Can a Bioethanol Fire Heat a Room?

How effective your bioethanol fire works for heating a space will depend on a number of factors like the room layout and how big it is. But one of the great things about these kinds of fires is that they are entirely portable due to not being reliant on a flue or chimney. So you can move your bioethanol fire to where you need it. It also means that no heat will be escaping up a chimney but instead will stay and heat the room.

Exactly how hot your fire gets and how effectively it heats up a room will depend on the model. The GlammFire range of bioethanol fires are efficient for heating and will perfectly heat an entire 35sqm room.

glammfire Urban EVOPlusIs the Flame Adjustable on a Bioethanol Fire?

Another advantage of a bioethanol fire is that the flame is entirely adjustable. There’s no need to try and manually fix your flame by adding more fuel or jabbing the logs with a poker; you can simply regulate the flame using the burner.

With a GlammFire burner model, you can manually adjust the flame to set it to minimum, medium or maximum output. So you can easily adjust the flame of your fire to suit the mood.

Can Bioethanol Burners be Added to a Traditional Fireplace?

If you do have a traditional fireplace, but like the sound of all the benefits of a bioethanol model, you are in luck. Neverdark and Bromic electric heaters have a range of bioethanol fireplaces and burners that can be incorporated into existing fireplaces or other structures.

It is a quick and straightforward process. Just follow the manual of your bioethanol fireplace or burner. You can easily transform your fireplace into something practical that will actually get used.

FireplaceAre Bioethanol Fireplaces Safe?

Bioethanol fires produce a real flame like a traditional fireplace, so they should be treated with the same level of care and caution as any other type of fire. However, bioethanol fires are perfectly safe for virtually any home, especially given that they do not produce smoke.

Biofuel is flammable, so it should be handled with care and spillages cleaned up before the fire is lit. The fire should only be refilled when it is switched off and cooled down. Take care not to overfill the burner when refuelling your fire.

GlammFire from Smart Fire

At SmartFire, we are the exclusive UK distributor for a wide range of bioethanol fires from the industry-leading brand GlammFire. These eco-friendly biofuel fires offer extremely flexible installation and design options, allowing you to have the fireplace of your dreams without compromise.

Whether inside a building or outside, these fires make the perfect statement feature in a room or the perfect garden or terrace accessory. GlammFire fires only produce carbon dioxide, and the price of bioethanol is the only fuel source set to decrease in price as time goes on, so your fire becomes an excellent investment for the future that will easily replace the traditional coal, wood and gas fires.

GlammFireThe intelligent design of the GlammFire fireplaces range meets the global standards of safety in regard to flame stability, wind temperament, the safety of ignition, combustion and more. With patented filling points to avoid fuel spillages while decanting into the burner, GlammFire really does consider safety to be at the core of their design.

If you would like to learn more about our range of Neverdark, Bromic electric heaters or Smart Fire burners, do not hesitate to contact us.

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