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What to Look for When Visiting a Showroom

Visiting a showroom is important. It allows you to see the products in real life, and not on a screen or magazine. After all, checking out equipment, furniture and appliances in person is a very different experience than just browsing the items on a website. Everything will be on show, so you can take a look at a wide range of brands, colours and sizes on display.

This will help you visualise your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom a lot easier. But, when you decide to visit a showroom, what is it exactly that you should be looking for? What should you pay attention to in order to take full advantage of the exhibition?

Crystal EVOPlus fireSelection

Showrooms have a vast selection of products on display, as well as design options. This means that you have plenty of choices at your disposal and are likely to find something to fit your personal preference and the interior design of your home. Walking into a showroom with multiple displays also helps you to understand what will work and what won’t, so that you can choose a product that you’ll be completely happy about and won’t regret later on!

Staff Knowledge

An important element of showrooms is the knowledge the staff possesses. It is crucial that you feel confident in the answers you get, as you’ll probably have questions about products. These answers will help you better understand whether you want to purchase a certain product or not. If the staff does not seem very knowledgeable, you might not feel confident in buying from the company.


When visiting a showroom, you should also look for quality. While a 2D medium, like a magazine, can help get you interested in a product, it can’t convey its workmanship. Seeing it for yourself can put doubts to rest. After all, it is important that you’re satisfied with the product and the way it works, so make sure to check out its materials and sturdiness whenever you visit a showroom!


Looks can be deceiving, as there can be a big difference between the way an item looks in a magazine and the way it looks in real life. This difference can be a pleasant surprise, but the only way of knowing for sure is to visit a showroom. You might like a certain configuration, for instance, but when you see it for yourself you might find that it won’t be the perfect match for your décor or room after all.

Our showroom allows you to see our range of bio ethanol fireplaces in person, making your decision a lot easier. You can see the way our fires work and how they’ll look in a home, as well as a vast selection of design options, which means you can easily find the one that will complement your décor.

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