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Why Choose Electric Heaters for Your Commercial Outdoor Space?

If you own a restaurant or bar, you likely have an outdoor space that you open up in the warmer seasons to serve more customers. But once winter sets in, you may have retired those tables and chairs into storage and make do with your limited inside space. Well, with an electric heater, you can keep your outdoor premises open for most of the year.



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Electric heaters are a fantastic way to quickly and efficiently heat up a space so people can continue to enjoy the great outdoors even as the freezing cold sets in. Here are all the reasons why an electric heater is perfect for commercial outdoor spaces.

Open Up More Space

With the coronavirus pandemic changing everything about the way we do business, business owners have had to adapt to the ever-changing situation so they can keep operating. More and more people are choosing not to go to restaurants and bars because they don’t want to be in an enclosed space with others, even if social distancing measures are in place.

So, in today’s COVID-19 era, outdoor spaces are more important than ever.

If your client has an outdoor seating area in their establishment, they can cater to people who are anxious about being indoors, allowing them to continue operating. But as winter sets in, they’ll need a way to keep customers warm while they enjoy your premises outside.

Fortunately, electric heaters can be easily set up around an outdoor seating area, providing plenty of warmth and comfort to people so they can continue to enjoy your clients’ bar or restaurant well into the winter months.



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Electric heaters are incredibly safe, possibly the safest method of powering an outdoor heater. Electric heaters produce infrared heat that warm people and objects that the rays are directed towards, so you’re not using a real fire to heat the space. They produce zero carbon emissions, so they don’t need to be limited to places that have adequate ventilation; they can be plugged in and used virtually anywhere.

Energy Efficient

A lot of people consider electric to be the future. Thanks to the use of infrared technology, heat isn’t lost to the surroundings, but directed onto the people and objects directly in front of the heater, keeping them warm without the heat escaping into the atmosphere. On a windy day, the heat won’t get blown away and wasted, it will still heat what is in its directed radius.

The Bromic Platininum Electric heater, for example, delivers a high standard of efficiency, allowing businesses to cut down on their electric bills. This fantastic heater also emits a low intensity glow that creates a subtle ambiance – perfect to enhance the mood of any outdoor area.

Bromic Platininum ElectricEase of Control

Electric heaters are easy to use, and the amount of heat they produce can be easily controlled. Many models of electric heaters include a wireless controller that can switch the power off and on and increase and decrease the heat output. Some models can even be programmed to come on at a certain time, allowing the business owner to have complete control over the heating system.


Electric heaters are a very convenient method of heating an outdoor space. They require a power source to operate, but, other than that, they are virtually ready from the get-go to be plugged in and used.

They can be used straight away and easily moved to different locations if you have a portable model. This means you don’t need to decide on a permanent spot for your electric heater, since you can quickly move them around and re-direct the heat depending on customer needs.

Electric Heaters from Smart Fire

At Smart Fire, we have a wide range of electric heaters from Bromic, a world-class brand we’re proud to stock. Bromic is recognised the world over as having revolutionised outdoor heating. From their slick design to their stellar performance, Bromic heaters perfectly balance performance and reliability.

At Smart Fire, you can get Bromic electric heaters that come with varying heating power, adaptable for a wide range of applications. These heaters can be installed with minimal space, ideal for under the ceiling installation.



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Whether you’re looking for electric heaters for an outdoor space or biofuel fires for that perfect, fire effect in a hotel lobby, Smart Fire can help. We have a vast range of fires and heaters available, and we can work with you to ensure that you end up with the ideal fire for your business premises. If you would like to learn more about our range, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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