Transform Your Outdoor Space with Bromic Heating

Bromic heating has completely transformed outdoor heating, providing high quality, modern and stylish heating solutions for industries such as hospitality and leisure. If you have a commercial outdoor space, you know just how important it is to keep it warmed up during the colder months of the year – and Bromic heaters are a fantastic way to do this.

So, how can you maximise your outdoor space and how can Bromic heating help you with this?

Get Instant Heat

A nice benefit of Bromic heaters is that they can provide near-instantaneous heat. This means that you or your guests get to warm up very quickly, a great advantage to commercial outdoor spaces – after all, you want people to linger, and a heater that makes sure your patio or garden is warm and cosy can assist in just that.

This is especially important in winter when your patrons or customers might be put off by the chilly air.

Move Your Heater Around

If being able to move your heater to any area of your commercial outdoor space at will is a big advantage, the portability of some Bromic heaters is exactly what you need. The Tungsten Portable can be moved to different locations and is incredibly durable, as it can be left outside in any weather conditions.

They also allow you to have the design you want in your outdoor space, as you won’t have to design it (or refurbish it) according to where you can install a heater. Move your Bromic around according to where it’s needed the most and your patrons will certainly be thankful!

Short on Space?

You can easily use your Bromic heater even if you don’t have a lot of available space, meaning you don’t have to change your outdoor space to accommodate your heating needs. For instance, some of these heaters can be placed on walls, maximising space and leaving the floor clear; they also warm up a considerable area.

This way, your furniture can easily fit in your outdoor area and you won’t have to worry about space. Equally, your customers will have more room to socialise, be it to drink a beer or discuss a meeting, for instance.

Extend BBQ Season

Summer has come and gone, but you and your customers don’t have to wait until next year to enjoy a delicious BBQ again. Outdoor heaters, like the ones Bromic offer, can easily heat up your outdoor space and transform it into a year-round entertainment area. Your guests will be cosy, relaxed and will want to spend time with family and friends in your outdoor space, be it a patio or a garden.

Christmas meals can also easily be enjoyed outside with these heaters, so make use of your outdoor space in winter by making sure it’s heated up!

If you prefer, you can also make your heaters even more effective by ‘streamlining’ the environment they’re installed in. For example, put up windbreaks where needed, which can preserve a warmer temperature when trying to heat up the space, and utilise gazebos or awnings to form a more enclosed space where heat is trapped.

Visit our showroom to see for yourself the fantastic range of heaters we have at your disposal or get in touch with us to enquire about any of our products.

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