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Take Your Fire with You Everywhere in Your Home

Bioethanol fires have become hugely popular in many households across the nation due to the numerous benefits they offer, from using renewable and innovative technology to their stunning aesthetics. Another major advantage of owning a GlammFire product is that it offers a lot of flexibility – each of the Portuguese brand’s fires can be moved to any place in the house if your customers wish.

A good example is the bioethanol fire in the picture below, which is a fantastic accent piece for the living room but can also be easily moved from room to room, indoors or outdoors. Take a look at all the different reasons why your client would want to make the most of their fire’s portability:

GlammFire bioethanol fire in living room

Entertaining Guests in the Garden

With autumn in full swing and winter not that far behind, entertaining guests outdoors will increasingly become a rare occurrence. Given the chance, many homeowners will relish the opportunity to keep using their garden instead of having to limit themselves to indoor spaces. If that’s the case with your client, we have just the thing for you at Smart Fire, since we can help you to chase away the cold with the right fire.

Your customers can simply grab the fire from its usual resting place and put it outdoors where people can gather and enjoy a nice post-dinner drink. A bioethanol fire provides heat as well as ambiance offering a beautiful backdrop that is simultaneously cosy and ideal for a chilly evening.

Creating a Focal Point

If your customer is unsure of how to create a good focal point in their living room, why not use a bioethanol fire to achieve a beautiful effect? These fires can easily be moved from the corner of a room to its centre, or even on top of a table. This flexibility adds something special to the décor.

Because personality is just as important as comfort, GlammFire offer a wide range of different fireplaces for any type of interior design, be it a minimalist style, a rustic décor or a futuristic-looking home.

GlammFire bioethanol fire

Throwing a Christmas Party

Given that the festive season is nearly upon us, there is no better time to start planning a great Christmas party. One of the most important things to consider is the mood of the party – the perfect atmosphere during Christmas is one of warmth and cosiness, of being sat around a blazing fireplace while eating delicious food. Any of GlammFire’s models can help your client to light up the living room and set the right mood, getting everyone ready to celebrate the festivities surrounded by family and friends. Guests can gather around the fire to chat, enjoy a mulled wine, play games and wait in comfort until it’s time to open the gifts.

Cooking a Meal

A bioethanol fire is a companion suited for any occasion, even for the most routine of tasks, such as cooking. Adding a burner to the kitchen while cooking offers a feeling of comfort and tranquillity that is difficult to recreate otherwise. The fire can be placed anywhere in the space, from the floor to the top of a table or counter, creating an inviting setting your client will appreciate as the weather grows colder and wilder.

Treating Yourself to a Spa Day

Adding a bioethanol fire to a bathroom can be a perfect way to convert an ordinary room into a homemade spa, which is a great way to end a long, busy day. It’s easy and quick to pick up the fire from the living room or bedroom and place it in the bathroom, and the light from the flames instantly changes the space into a den of relaxation. A bubble bath, the scent from aromatic incense and some warm towels are wonderful finishing touches.

GlammFire bioethanol burner

Freestanding fires offer many advantages for homeowners. They can be enjoyed anywhere, from indoor spaces to outdoors, creating a focal point no matter where they’re placed. GlammFire are specialists in producing visually striking and technologically advanced bioethanol burners that can be used by anyone and will look right at home in a contemporary décor.

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