Why Should You Consider Bioethanol for Your Fire Needs?

When it comes to picking a fireplace, the type of fuel it uses might not be your first thought. But choosing a fire with an appropriate fuel for its purpose is paramount. Some fuel types will lend themselves more to specific properties, placements within a property or overall purpose. Here are the typical fire types you will come across:

  • Bioethanol
  • Electric
  • Wood
  • Gas

Each has its own benefits and purposes. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at bioethanol fires, and why bioethanol is one of the best choices for homeowners looking for a fireplace.

Running Costs

You may be wondering, are bioethanol fires expensive to run? Well, that can depend on certain factors such as how much fuel you use, as a bioethanol fire slider can be 1/4 open, half open or fully open, and this makes a difference to how much fuel is used. The quality of the fuel, the fireplace itself and the flame size can also influence the running costs.

However, they are typically cheaper to run than the likes of gas and wood-burning fires. With a 20-litre volume, a fully open bioethanol fire costs as little as just £0.70 per hour to run, lowering to £0.54 when half open and just £0.48 per hour when a quarter open.

Safety and Ease of Use

Something that makes bioethanol a great choice aside from the running costs is that they are incredibly simple to use. Unlike wood-burning fires where you have the high maintenance of sweeping the soot and the struggle of trying to get a fire going, or the dangers of carbon monoxide leakage that can come from gas fires, bioethanol fires are incredibly safe and straightforward to operate.

Simply fill with the bioethanol fuel as needed and use a long lighter to light the fuel. The fire can then burn the fuel out completely, or the flames can be snuffed with a snuffer tool if needed. Some kinds of bioethanol fires, like those from GlammFire, can even be controlled with a remote control, so you can set them and forget about them.


Bioethanol fuel is by far the most environmentally friendly way of operating a fireplace. The fuel is entirely composed of biological products such as sugar and starch which, when burned, produces no harmful emissions or smoke. It does release a small amount of carbon dioxide, but these emissions are minimal.

The main by-product is heat and water, so a bioethanol fire is not pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere or contributing to climate change. As bioethanol fireplaces don’t require the installation of a flue or vent, they don’t produce any soot, ash or toxic fumes.

Bioethanol is a renewable heat source as it does not use fossil fuels like gas or coal. So, when you use a bioethanol eco fireplace, you can relax knowing that your fireplace is using a renewable energy source that isn’t harming the environment.

Fire Placement

One of the disadvantages of fireplaces that require a flue or chimney is that their placement is incredibly restricted; you either need to use a chimney that already exists in the house or spend a lot of money having one installed – which may not even be possible in your property.

With a bioethanol fire, they can be installed pretty much anywhere, inside and out. In fact, many models are freestanding, so if you’re not happy with their placement, you can simply move them somewhere else. Without the constraints of flues and vents or the need for a source of electricity, you’re free to place your bioethanol fire anywhere you see fit.

GlammFire at Smart Fire

At Smart Fire, we stock a wide range of GlammFire fireplaces, which combine the diversity, the needs and consumption patterns of consumers to create a broad range of products to suit all needs.

Crystal EVOPlus

The beautiful Crystal EVOPlus fire gives a powerful feel with its straight edges and points. It is visually provocative and combines modern design with a quality finish. It holds up to three litres of liquid bioethanol.

glammfire crystal EVOPlusThales

This Thales GlammFire fireplace with a sculptural design is the world’s first suspended fire with a bioethanol automatic burner. Designed from the humble circle, it is versatile and adjustable and reveals the true beauty of the flame. Its two rotating components of the piece opens the way for the contemplation of the dancing flame as it creates a warm and comforting environment that surrounds the space. It has a ten-litre tank for bioethanol fuel.

Urban EVOPlus

This urban model is where design meets functionality. Its seducing elegance, attractive lines and customisation possibilities unite to provide an exquisite experience of comfort. The Urban EVOPlus has a five-litre tank for bioethanol fuel.

Urban EVOPlus

When you buy remote control fires, bioethanol burners or bioethanol fireplaces from Smart Fire, you benefit from our expertise and years of experience. We are dedicated to sourcing the most advanced and intelligently designed fireplaces from the best brands. And we are proud to be exclusive distributors of GlammFire products for the UK and Ireland.

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