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How Bioethanol Fireplaces Can Improve Your Life

Bioethanol fires are a great addition to any home; they’re cosy, they’re beautiful and they’re energy-efficient. They’re also very user-friendly. Our brand-new range of GlammFire models is the perfect example of this, as each fire also comes with remote-control capability, offering a great deal of convenience to your clients.

Keeping in mind that winter is on the way and everyone will be lighting up their fireplaces now, we’re looking into what makes bioethanol fires so special and how they help to make your clients’ lives better.

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Remote-Controlled Fires

Being able to control a fireplace with the touch of a button is the ultimate luxury and convenience. Remote control bio ethanol fireplace burners, such as the GlammFire models we stock at Smart Fire, allow your clients to easily switch the fire on and off from a distance, as well as regulating the intensity of the flame. Merging technology with aesthetics and functionality, these fires create unique focal points that transform any space into a more sophisticated and luxurious version of itself.

According to GlammFire themselves, this remote-control ignition mode offers the perfect solution for architects and designers to play with their imagination. Your clients will love kicking back and relaxing at the end of a busy day – or simply on a cosy winter night while raindrops batter the windows – without hassle or having to get up. It has never been easier to create the perfect décor.

Blending Art with Functionality

Seamlessly offering a practical heat source that is simultaneously vibrant and sophisticated, bioethanol fires truly are the epitome of art and functionality. Each GlammFire model at Smart Fire has been designed with the homeowner in mind – someone who has a passion for the finest things in life but also wants to express their creativity.

Contemporary lines and urban attitude come together to create one-of-a-kind fires that are highly decorative and capable of elevating any design to the next level.

GlammFire bioethanol fire in living room


Another way that bioethanol fires can make your clients’ lives easier is by cutting down the energy bill at the end of the month. Bioethanol is an eco-friendly solution chosen by many, especially because it helps end users to save energy, given that they come with a high degree of heat efficiency. They don’t require chimneys or flues to remove excess smoke, which means all heat remains inside the room.

To address growing environmental awareness and concern amongst consumers, GlammFire created suitable products that exceed environmental standards. Their fires are long-lasting and use a renewable energy source that is 100% green and respects the planet. This means that your clients will not only see an improvement on their utility bills but will also reduce their carbon footprint by opting for a GlammFire model.


Bioethanol fires are very much free of hassle, which is a big selling point to homeowners, given that these fires require little to no maintenance. The only thing your clients will have to do is add more fuel to their bioethanol model – and certain GlammFire models even come with an automatic filling system incorporated, making it even easier and practical to own one.

Perfect for the Health-Conscious Homeowner

Bioethanol fires will not just simplify your clients’ lives, they are also a healthier option, because they don’t release harmful particles that are linked to problems like cancer, asthma, lung disease and others. This means that you don’t have to worry about your family and pets inhaling invisible substances every time you light up the fireplace this winter. This feature also allows bioethanol fires to be used in smoke-controlled zones.

Increasing the Value of the Home

One of the main advantages of adding a fire to a home is how it can increase its value. A space with a free-standing bioethanol fire or a wall-mounted fire truly stands out in any contemporary décor, adding a touch of elegance and luxury that is difficult to match otherwise. You will also find that bioethanol fires are incredibly versatile, making it easy for you to style the interior design of the space any way you want. Be it a modern or more traditional interior design, a bioethanol fire is certainly the perfect finish.

GlammFire bioethabol fire in contemporary decor

The GlammFire products we stock are glamour come to life, from our bioethanol tabletop burners to our bioethanol fireboxes. Innovative, aesthetically brilliant and highly functional at the same time, our bioethanol fires are designed to make lives easier, ensuring that quality is integrated with ecological preservation. Visit our showroom to see these fantastic fires for yourself.

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