Igneous Radiant Heaters

Igenous Radiant Heaters

Commercial Infrared Heaters from Smart Fire

Smart Fire UK present their very own brand of exceptionally-created domestic and commercial radiant heaters, the Igneous infrared radiant heater. Whether your customers are planning to place a heater indoors or outdoors in a larger or smaller area of space, our heaters are suited to all requirements. Safety is rightfully a priority and infrared radiant heaters never reach a temperature that’s high enough to harm. Armed with a sheath often covering heating elements, infrared is a safer option when used in unsupervised, social situations. We pride ourselves on striving to be environmentally conscious where it is possible and our Igneous range is no exception. With a culture of outdoor social events, often in undesirable and unpredictable weather, we provide outdoor commercial radiant heaters that operate without any carbon combustion, no toxic by-products and no fuel lines to leak, taking or giving nothing extra to the air.

Some advantages of our commercial infrared heater range:

  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy, high electricity-heat efficiency creates an energy saving effect
  • 86% efficiency as a result of special NANO painting on the Igneous heating panel
  • Reflective heat storage design brings both low carbon and eco-friendly benefits
  • No noise, wind, light or dust when the heater is in operation
  • Freely powers on and off to keep energy saving low in cost
  • Easy installation. Adjustable thermostat. Slim, light in weight and maintenance free
  • Warms plants and the human body naturally and comfortably
  • Cleans and sterilises air due to the disinfection and antiseptic effect of infra-red rays
  • Able to focus heat on a certain precise spot within radiant range

Powerful Features from Igneous Infrared Radiant Heaters

For thin and stylish infrared wall heaters that perform effectively and economically, Igneous has your customers covered. Efficient directional spot heating is a huge benefit of our commercial infrared heaters; they have an ability to heat a room and its direct path with power outputs between 1000-3200W, rather than the air like conventional heaters. Their low electricity requirement to operate, teamed with quick heat recovery and no need to pre-heat, enables an extremely efficient way to heat any space, saving money, saving the planet.

We ensure our outdoor infrared heaters are safe and ideal for use outdoors and equip our Igneous heaters with an IPX4 weatherproof rating. Versatility of this sleek equipment can be used as commercial patio heaters together with the outdoors for gardens or seating or used as an indoor infrared heater in conservatories. Regardless of the event behind their use, the owner can benefit from a programmable thermostat, with multiple mounting options available alongside adjustable brackets with 90 degrees of movement. If your customers are looking for further advantages to invest in Igneous outdoor infrared heaters, they should consider the minimal maintenance, silent heating and instant heat that is not only comfortable and gentle, but does not dry the air, reducing the occurrence of irritation to people’s eyes, noses and other common conditions cause by dry air environments.

Contact Smart Fire Today for Further Information

If you require further information concerning our wholesale distribution of our Igneous range of commercial infrared heaters, domestic heating systems or anything site wide, please get in touch with us and let our expert team help you towards the right model for your customers and projects. Visit us in store on New Kings Road, London, find out more here about how and where to find us. Simply call 020 7384 1677, email sales@smartfireuk.com or submit your project ideas to our enquiry form.

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