Smart Fire

Smart Fire

Smart Fire have used their experience in the field to help design a new series of burners that not only produce great results but do so safely and at a competitive price point.
With RRPs starting from £530 and burners coming in lengths from 33cm to 130cm we’ve looked to make the most diverse range on the market. This will be complemented by a range of baskets and fireboxes to give you a one stop shop for all your bioethanol requirements.

Using Bioethanol as a Renewable Source

Considered to be renewable energy which is 100% green and respects the environment, Smart Fire burners are compatible with biofuel. Produced through the fermentation of products of vegetal origin such as sugar cane and beet, potatoes and cereals, this energy source does no further damage to the environment and subsequently does not contribute to global warming. As well as the renewable energy benefits, you will see an efficient use of heat generation too; bioethanol fuel used in the burners does not require chimneys/pipes/flues to take away excess smoke, meaning that the heat is retained within the room.

Contact Smart Fire for Further Information on our Burners

If you would like further information about the specifications of bioethanol burners and purchasing Smart Fire units, please get in touch with us today by completing our project contact form, or calling us on 020 7384 1677 and we can assist you to help consumers and the environment.

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