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Bio Ethanol Burners and Fireplaces

Whether it’s for a private or commercial property, if you’re considering installing Bio ethanol burners, you’ve made the right decision. Bio ethanol fireplaces are one of the most energy efficient, no-nonsense ways of having a real fire in your home in that you don’t have to collect fire wood or even clean out the grate, equally there’s no need for a chimney.

Each of our contemporary fireplaces are specifically design driven, making them the perfect choice of those who value aesthetics, versatility and simplicity. They can make a traditional concept into something futuristic and are also suitable for modern buildings where space and design are priorities.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Installation

There are several factors to consider when planning your Bio ethanol burner installation. Having the fire installed should take a maximum of three weeks depending on what kind of installation and design you’re going for. If you require a simple outdoor fire it can be set up in a single day, however if you desire a Bio ethanol fire complete with stone finish, it will take some planning.

The most important thing to consider is the size of the space you wish your fire to inhabit. You will need to consider how you are going to insert your bioethanol fireplace, and what kind of covering or ‘fire place furniture’ you require. The particular series of bio ethanol burner you choose should be based on the shape and size you can fit into your space and the size of the room.

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If you have a vague idea, or even a few different ideas of what you want your bio ethanol fireplace to look like, don’t worry; here at Smart Fire we know our products back to front and we are always ready to give advice and guidance. If you simply fill in the enquiry form, above, and tick one or more products you are interested in, we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your fireplace project.

If you have any specific questions about different products or you want to know more about how bio ethanol burners work or outdoor heating please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44(0)20 7384 1677, where one of our friendly team will be eagerly awaiting your call. Don't forget that you can also buy biofuel from us as well, so we can also help to keep a fire operating. 

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Bio-Ethanol Burners

  • Burner I
  • Burner II
  • Burner III
  • Burner V
  • Burner VI
  • Fire Line 400
  • Fire Line 600
  • Fire Line 800
  • Fire Line 1200
  • Fire Line 1600
  • Fire Line 2000
  • Fire Line 2400
  • L Burner 800+800
  • L Burner 1200+400
  • L Burner 1200+1200

Premium Fireplaces

  • Tuli
  • Cosmo 13
  • Cosmo
  • Duo
  • Flut
  • O-Flut
  • Perola
  • Vulcanu

Concept Fireplaces

  • Samba
  • Babel
  • Baco
  • Lira
  • Retro
  • Milwood
  • Habito
  • Muble

Crea7ion EvoPlus Fireplaces

  • Fogly
  • Apollo
  • Apollo IV
  • Lotus
  • Mito Small
  • Mito Small Genesis
  • Mito Genesis
  • Zen
  • Tango
  • Crystal
  • Urban
  • Loft
  • Hypnosz

Electric Fireplaces

  • Vintage
  • Cognitus
  • Kit Opti – V Single
  • Kit Opti – V Double
  • Kit Glamm H3D800
  • Kit Glamm H3D700
  • Kit Glamm 3D Plus 500
  • Kit Glamm 3D Plus 1000
  • Kit Glamm 3D
  • Kit Glamm 3DS
  • Kit Glamm 3D II
  • Kit Glamm 3D M
  • Kit Glamm 3D L
  • Kit Glamm 3D Support Kit
  • Gema
  • Luminous 1200
  • Luminous 1800
  • LUM 1500

Fire Pits

  • Stravaganza
  • Zarzuela
  • Circus
  • Operetta
  • Vaudeville
  • Mime
  • Cosmo 13


  • La Boheme 1
  • La Boheme 2
  • Intermezzo
  • Balletto

Gas Fires

  • Hyperion
  • Hedges-Hyperion

GlammBox Concept

  • GlammBox 420
  • GlammBox 420DF
  • GlammBox 450
  • GlammBox 450DF
  • GlammBox 770
  • GlammBox 770DF
  • GlammBox 1150
  • GlammBox 1150DF
  • GlammBox 1600
  • GlammBox 1600DF
  • GlammBox 2150
  • GlammBox 2150DF

GlammBox Cre7ion EvoPlus

  • GlammBox EvoPlus 800
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 800DF
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 1000
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 1000DF
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 1200
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 1200DF
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 1600
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 1600DF
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 2000
  • GlammBox EvoPlus 2000DF

Tabletop Fireplaces

  • Tuli
  • Cosmo
  • Alquimia
  • Kivo
  • Oblique Single
  • Oblique Double
  • Bliss
  • Tile
  • Samba
  • Olympo