Where Can I Put My Smart Fire?

Up until the 20th century and the invention of mechanical and innovative heating systems, we were restricted by where we placed our fireplace. However, as we progress, our means of design, technology and engineering evolves. Here at Smart Fire we pride ourselves on offering Bio ethanol fires which can be placed almost anywhere in the home, or out.  If you’ve ever wondered where you can put a fire where no fire has ever been before, believe us it can be done.

More Than an Outdoor Firepit

Outdoor fires have been around ever since man walked, but we have come an awfully long way since the basic fire puts of ancient times. By opting for a Smart Fire your outdoor fire pit is much more than a home-made campfire. You can work your entire exterior design around a centrepiece of a fire, creating a fabulous social area for friends family, or for simply relaxing alone. Since a Smart Fire runs on bio ethanol fuel, it is extremely flexible, eco-friendly, safe, sustainable and with many products you can even move them inside when you don’t require it outdoors anymore.

No sparks, ash or smoke surrounding you and your guests; just pure warmth, bliss and style.

Fire Meets Water

If you consider yourself a design guru, you may find this point intriguing. Many of the fires from the GlammFire range could be the base for the perfect social and relaxation hub, as well as the ideal centrepiece for a lake, pond, swimming pool and water feature.

The models in the outdoor range are portable, which makes them a great companion for any water based area. From an alfresco dining setting to a restaurant or hotel, you can certainly add a touch of class and show a unique flair with this unconventional piece of decor.

There is no need for pool lights when a smart fire can light the way.


GlammFire firepit
The Centre of a Room

Seeing as GlammFire Fires are fueled purely by bio ethanol fuel, there is no need for a chimney or flue, which means you can have your fire anywhere, even in the centre of any room. This could be in any room, from a bathroom facility to a kitchen or even a restaurant. The effortless nature of the biofuel fire makes it easier than ever to have your fire where and when you want. Get creative with it and you could even save space. What about a fire which is also your coffee table? Or a fire underneath a work surface?

Your customers or guests won’t be able to miss your stunning fire when it’s in the middle of the setting.

Tables with a Twist

Within any commercial setting, you want to grab your customer’s attention from the very first second as they walk in and see just how spectacular the space looks. What better way to do this than with a fire?

A restaurant table could be given a new breath of life with a burning flame between the customers. Forget about a candle or a flower in a vase – think bigger than that and opt for a Smart Fire. A waiting room could also be transformed by the intriguing and warming sight of a fire to greet your clients or guests. They are sure to be impressed and warm to your five-star customer service.

From Floor to Ceiling

With no restrictions holding you back on the location of your fire, you can push the limits of location like never before. From a fire pathway to a raised flame, you can place your Smart Fire within any wall or floor. If you are looking for a commercial patio heater to wow visitors on a garden path, or to offer a partition between your living and dining area, you can not only save space but create a super slick and stylish feature which will be unique to your home or business.



At Smart Fire, we are proud suppliers of the GlammFire fires and biofuel fires, which can be as flexible as you require. We’ve come a long way from having static wood burning fires to being able to place our eco-friendly, efficient and safe fires wherever we please, and Smart Fire embrace this.

If you would like any additional information regarding your home or businesses interior design and where you could fit your Smart Fire, simply get in touch, as we would love to discuss your requirements and most importantly, your interior design dreams. We can turn them into a reality.

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