Introducing… GlammFire

The team at Smart Fire have been recently looking for new and innovative ways to supply our customers with only the most advanced and stylish products.

We are proud to announce that we have recently teamed up with renowned Portuguese brand GlammFire to be able to do just this. This fantastic brand is a pioneer within their sector and, from now on, we have the honour of supplying some of the most forward thinking and state-of-the art bioethanol fires; all thanks to this wonderful new partnership.

We aren’t just crossing borders with these products, but we are breaking boundaries within interior design, technology, and environmental concerns. So, who exactly are GlammFire and why have we teamed up with them?

Who are GlammFire?

Just under ten years ago – September 2008 to be precise – Glammfire was founded in northern Portugal. A small team set out on a mission that aimed to develop and manufacture some of the most exclusive, efficient and unique fires known within the industry.

As they set out on their adventure, they were committed to three values:

An eye for greater efficiency, a search for a different approach to product design and a respectful commitment to ecology.

All their products and every detail of their design reflect these.

  • In 2009, GlammFire launched their first range of bioethanol fires
  • In 2010, they set out on a mission to create their first concept range launch
  • In 2011, they launched their bespoke program, allowing creations of unique and personalised fireplaces, no matter the size, complexity, or difficulty.
  • From then on, their product ranges widened to new concepts, firepits and barbeques – all of which embrace new, exciting and distinctive designs.

Products SmartFire Stock Now

At the moment, Smart Fire are stocking multiple bioethanol burners from GlammFire. The range of products reflect the versatility, style and sheer elegance that the brand is known for.

All the bioethanol burners are made fully from stainless steel and have a contemporary design and outstanding manufacturing quality.

The materials the burners are made from reinforcing the excellent flexibility as high functional and decorative pieces, not to mention their resistance and safety. They are becoming a staple element in architects’ and interior designers’ projects.

Bioethanol fuel and burners are no longer just the future of fires but are fast becoming the present. With an ongoing debate and huge concern for the environment and how to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, it’s not hard to see why.

The bioethanol burners that Glammfire create and we supply run on bioethanol fuel – a clean-burning flammable liquid, responsibly sourced from agriculture. This means no production of smoke or any noxious gases. Not only do these products address environmental concerns, but they also provide a luxurious aesthetic and complement a leisurely lifestyle with their minimum upkeep.

Bioethanol fuel is produced through fermentation of products of vegetable origin, such as sugar cane, potatoes, sugar, and cereals, among others. It is a 100% green and renewable energy source, supporting and respecting the environment

It’s true when they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we will let the following photos of our GlammFire range do the talking…

Bioethanol Burner I
GlammFire BURNER I

Bioethanol Burner II


Bioethanol Burner III


Bioethanol Burner V

GlammFire BURNER V

Bioethanol Burner VI


Proud Partnership

Smart Fire are proud to be supplying GlammFire products and are excited for what the future holds. So, keep your eye on Smart Fire for a growing range of some of the most efficient and modern fires worldwide.

At Smart Fire, we strive to provide products which will not only be better for the environment but will also be an irresistible aspect of interior designers’ and architects’ projects.  If you’re looking for an economic and powerful solution for your project, we may just have it. Especially now, with this equally powerful partnership.

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