Burner I

Burner I

This mechanical stainless-steel burner presents a contemporary design perfect for outdoor or indoor use. The charming yet powerful bioethanol fire boasts outstanding manufacturing quality and stunning interior design potential.  It comes with accessory options of decorative ceramic wood, white marble stone and a handy bioethanol fuel jug to easily prepare your burner.

Easy to fill and monitor, heating your space whilst creating a beautifully modern décor has never been easier with the Burner I from GlammFire.


Technical Specifications

According to tests carried out by GlammFire themselves, this small but mighty burner, in the medium efficiency position, provides 6 hours of heat with only 2 litres of bioethanol fuel.

Completely made of stainless steel, the burner teams up with a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better safety and functioning overall.

With a seemingly petite size of 292 x 93 mm, this bioethanol burner still has a 2L capacity and power of 2.70 kW.

The burner also comes with a key to assist with powering the burner, opening the cover, fan, and regulating the flame and a CO detector to ensure optimum safety.

The safety, resistance, and style of the Burner I reinforces its excellent versatility as a functional piece. It is not hard to see why this bioethanol burner is a go-to option for many architects and interior designers.


Made of stainless steel, with a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better functioning.

  • Mechanical
  • Stainless Steel
  • 6 hours autonomy
  • Available in black (other colours available upon request)
  • Bio-ethanol
  • 292 diameter x 93mm
  • 2L capacity
  • Weight : 4,4KG 
  • Accessories : Key, Lighter, Funnel, Container, measuring jug, CO detector. 
  • Optional accessories: Decorative ceramic wood, Decorative white marble stone, bioethanol jug 5L 
  • Power : 2.7Kw