A Guide To Choosing The Right Bromic Heater For You

If there’s one thing that everyone has learned this year, it’s the benefits of spending more time outside. From being in situations where germs are less likely to spread to feeling the benefits of fresh air, there are many reasons why people should be doing a lot of their activities – including dining and drinking – outside.

In the summer, this is easy. The outdoors look much more appealing. However, in the winter, many people hesitate before sitting outside and facing the elements. Bromic heaters can make the cold exterior of a pub garden look a lot more inviting, creating safe and hygienic spaces that could give a pub extra space or even enable them to stay open in the cooler months.

There are two types of Bromic heaters – gas and electric. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each, so people can decide which one would be more suitable for their establishment and get it ready for the end of lockdown!

bromic heaters outside venueWhat Questions To Ask

When deciding between a gas or electric heater, there are a few things to take into consideration. You’ll have to consider the area that will be heated, mainly its size and layout, and whether it’s an enclosed space. You should also think about whether you want the heater to be installed permanently, or would favour a portable device that can be moved anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

Electric Fixed Bromic Heater

An electric fixed heater can heat up a small to medium-sized space (10 square metres or less) and can be used in enclosed spaces, perfect for any areas that have roofs or walls. Using a fixed electric heater in this kind of place is a great, safe way to efficiently heat the whole area.

Bromic electric heaters can either be mounted to a wall or the ceiling; they need to be put on a sturdy surface to make sure that they don’t cause any damage. Most fixed heaters can come with wall mounts.

bromic heaterGas Fixed Heaters

Gas fixed heaters work in a similar way to electric heaters; they are fixed onto a wall or beam and emit heat over a set area. Gas heaters can heat up a larger area than electric heaters – up to 20 square metres as opposed to 10 square metres for electric heaters.

The one main difference with gas heaters is they are not appropriate for use in a gazebo or other enclosed space. Gas leaks are dangerous and can be lethal, so anyone using a gas heater should only do so in the open air, no matter how high quality the heaters are. They can be fixed to a beam or a roof, but there should be a lot of airflow to ensure there is no risk of gas poisoning.

There are some other safety precautions that are considered with gas heaters too. Gas heaters are fitted at a 45-degree angle, which makes them safer. This means that they cannot be installed on a ceiling like electric heaters.

Bromic gas heaters are a better option for heating larger outdoor spaces, as they are resistant to wind and have a larger range for heating. Gas also has a huge advantage with the running costs, costing around a quarter of what electricity costs to run per hour.

bromic gas heaterPortable Gas Heaters

For outdoor spaces with limited room, portable spaces are available. Portable gas heaters can be used for radiant heating, as the air doesn’t get warmer, but objects (like a chair or table) do. This is a very efficient form of heating and will help people get warmer for less money.

For these portable heaters, there must also be some clearance above, so there should either not be any decking or roofing to the area, or there should be a considerable space above the heater.

While there are some safety considerations for using portable gas heaters, they are installed with various safety measures, should things go wrong. Most Bromic heaters can turn themselves off if they are knocked over, whether by accident or due to high winds.

Portable heaters can be moved to where they’re most needed as well, so they can be incredibly convenient.

bromic protableWhich Heater Is Best?

As you can see, the right heater for a pub, restaurant or private garden depends on the space itself. If your client has a large outdoor space with lots of ventilation that needs heating, you might want to opt for gas – this is a great option if they’re looking to save some money as well.

However, if they have a gazebo or another enclosed space in their garden that they want heated, electric heaters are a fantastic option, as they’re perfect for heating up a much smaller space.

Still not sure which of our Bromic heaters are right for your clients’ needs? Contact us today, and we’d be more than happy to assist you further – please call us on 020 7384 1677 or submit an online enquiry.

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