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Are Bioethanol Fires Safe?

One of the most frequently asked questions about our fireplaces is “are bioethanol fires safe?”. It’s understandable that this is at the top of your priority list, whether the fire is going to be installed indoors or outdoors. After all, when fire is involved, no safety measure is too much.

Crystal EVOPlus fire

Feeling at ease with a bioethanol fire – and being confident that it is completely safe to use – is important for your clients; and for us as well.

At Smart Fire, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the warmth and gorgeous aesthetics that bioethanol fires offer without having to worry about a thing. So, for your peace of mind (and that of your customers), take a look below at why these fires are completely safe and why they can be a fantastic addition to any home!

Are Bioethanol Fires Safe Indoors?

Yes, they are. Bioethanol fires do produce CO2 (carbon dioxide), but not only is this substance present in very small amounts, but it is also a by-product of any real fire. And, because these types of fires don’t produce smoke, ash or carcinogenic substances when burning the bioethanol, you don’t have to worry about health risks associated with these elements.

The other substances that these types of fires produce are heat and water. All of this, of course, means that bioethanol fires are safe to have both inside and outside the home! Due to their portability, some fires can be easily moved from room to room and to the garden as well, so your client can enjoy them in any space without worrying about safety.

Our Bioethanol Fires

We believe in providing only the best bioethanol fires, so we design and develop fires to the highest of standards. All of our designs also come with safety markings so that the user can always be reminded of the best practices associated with handling these types of fires.

They also meet the safety standards of multiple global organisations, especially in regard to ignition safety and flame stability. Our bioethanol fires come with UL/ULC, AGA Guidance, SITAC, TUV and DIN 4734-1 approvals as well, and are designed to prevent fuel spillage and leakage.

At Smart Fire, we ensure that all of our fires are tested and certified with safety in mind so that your clients can simply kick back and relax with the perfect fire creating a picture-perfect mood.

Safety Measures to Follow

Even though bioethanol fires are safe to place in any location (and space) you see fit, it is still important to keep safety considerations in mind. These can include:

Dealing with Flammable Fuel

Just like with any other type of fire, it’s key that great care is taken when handling fuel and fire. Bioethanol fuel should never be poured into a lit fire, as the bioethanol fireplace can only be refuelled when it’s turned off and cooled down. Any potential bioethanol spills have to be cleaned up before lighting the fire.

Choose Only High-Quality Fires

It goes without saying that high-quality bioethanol fires are more reliable and sturdy, as well as safer, than low-quality ones (which can be faulty or lead to future issues). For this reason, when picking the right bioethanol fire for a home, you want to make sure that you purchase it only from a trusted supplier.

The same goes for bioethanol fuel. The quality of the fuel can influence a fire’s burning time and its running cost, as cheaper fuels are usually more flammable and may burn faster. As biofuel suppliers, we focus only on high-quality products that offer not just the best aesthetics and cost-effectiveness, but also safety.

Filling the Burner Correctly

Another safety measure that should occur when refuelling the fire is taking care not to overfill the burner. Using too much fuel at once may cause a flame that is difficult to control; it can also cause fuel to spill if someone accidentally knocks into the fireplace, for example, and the spilt fuel has a good chance of igniting.

Of course, most bioethanol fireplaces will offer protection against this issue, which is another reason to choose the highest-quality fireplaces possible.

We understand just how important it is that you know whether a fire is safe or not, as you want your clients to have only the highest quality and safest products possible. Our eco fires are designed with a wide range of elements in mind, from safety to aesthetics and practicality.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on +44(0)20 7384 1677 at any time to learn more about what we can do for you – we’re always happy to help with any queries you may have!

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