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Top Reasons Your Clients Need an Electric Heater

Electric fires are more than just a fad, they are here to stay. Their design and function make them a popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike. With the weather still casting a chill over the entire country that doesn’t look set to waver any time soon, now is the perfect time for your clients to invest in electric fires.

Electric fires make the perfect addition to outdoor spaces, allowing people to make the most out of these spaces that they may otherwise ignore for the winter months. Whether it’s a patio or deck or a beer garden, there are so many places that could benefit from the use of an electric fire; homeowners can use their gardens more frequently throughout the year, and business owners can serve more patrons with the space opened up outdoors. Here are just some of the benefits of electric heaters that your clients will love:

Group-of-friends-at-the-pub-iStock_000065477743_SmallEasy Maintenance

Electric heaters are fundamentally very easy and simple to use; you essentially just plug them in and go. Additionally, with no moving parts to break or wear out, an electric heater is extremely reliable in terms of maintenance. Whereas a real fireplace would require an awful lot of maintenance, owing to the smoke, fumes and ash, as well as all the residue that needs to be cleaned out, an electric heater has none of these issues.


Real fireplaces come with some safety concerns, such as the fumes that they emit and the fact that they can get dangerously hot, making them hazardous for children. Because electric heaters do not burn fuel to generate heat, there are none of the associated risks. Also, since there are no radiators to risk leaking or bursting, there is less risk of damage to a property. An electric heater can heat a space in the same way as other types of heaters, but with all the dangers and safety concerns being practically non-existent.


Electric fireplaces last a long time. They are less susceptible to problems like corrosion or rust which occur in other types of heaters and fireplaces. With an electric heater, you are likely to get many years of consistent usage/efficiency out of it.


Whilst gas fireplaces can offer the same rustic aesthetics that a wood burning fireplace does, electric heaters have their own unique look that your clients will love. Heaters such as the Bromic electric heaters are incredibly chic and modern in terms of their design. Their ultra slim build also makes them barely noticeable, allowing them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings and making them ideal for outdoor areas.

Easy Installation

Unlike other types of fireplaces, your clients won’t need to worry about knocking out a wall or performing any heavy renovation just to get the fire in place. For the most part, electric heaters can be easily installed on most walls and ceilings where they are simply plugged into the mains and are ready to use.

Where the heater is plugged in is pretty much the only thing that needs to be considered when installing an electric fire; it’s so versatile in terms of placement, your clients will have no problem accommodating it.

Energy Efficient

During winter, your clients are likely to experience a rise in their heating bills. One way to combat this is with an electric heater. Through a method called supplemental heating, your clients can save money whilst also keeping their properties at a comfortable temperature. As electric fireplaces use less electricity than a property’s main heating system, it has the potential to lower those energy bills during the winter.

Bromic heater

Your clients won’t want to sit outside and freeze, but they should also be able to make the most out of those outdoor spaces any time of year. Electric heaters offer discreet warmth that can heat up even the chilliest of evenings. The weather-resilient design of models such as Bromic heaters ensure they will keep providing heat even under adverse weather conditions without damage.

Take a look at our showroom today to see for yourself how your clients could benefit from the likes of an electric heater for their commercial or residential outdoor spaces.

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