Vaudeville glammfire fire

Enjoy Luxury Outdoor Living with GlammFire

Vaudeville glammfire fire

The days are growing colder with autumn here and winter already approaching; however, there is still plenty of time for your clients to take advantage of their outdoor spaces. GlammFire offers a wide range of beautifully designed bioethanol fires perfect for every occasion and every space, including the outdoors.

Your clients can easily make the outdoors theirs with GlammFire products, as they help to create a luxurious outdoor experience like no other, perfect to enjoy the warmth that still lingers in the evenings.

Enjoy the Outdoors with GlammFire Products

GlammFire fireplaces make beautiful statement pieces no matter where they’re placed, including the outdoors. They can be the focal point of any garden or patio and help to enhance a space that people love to spend time in. A garden can be like a living room, only snuggled in the great outdoors and surrounded by nature. After creating an area that’s not just comfortable but also inviting, adding a bioethanol fire will be the perfect finishing touch, since it will underline the beauty and warmth of the space.

Outdoor fires will also ensure your clients’ gatherings are not cut short due to chillier evening temperatures. Guests will remain warm even after the sun goes down, allowing the party to continue without interruptions.

However, if the cold becomes too much, they can bring the fire inside and continue to enjoy their get-together indoors – after all, GlammFire offers portable solutions that make life easier. These portable fires allow your clients to move the fire wherever they see fit, be it the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen; and, of course, the big outdoors too.

Each outdoor fire in GlammFire’s repertoire also offers unmatched luxury. Their design is carefully thought-out to bring out the best in each fire, from the materials chosen to the technologies embedded. Pieces of art as much as they are functional fires, GlammFire’s range is the epitome of indulgence, comfort and convenience.

What to Consider Before Purchasing an Outdoor Bioethanol Fire

Before going ahead and buying an outdoor fire, there are several things to take into consideration first. After all, your clients will have specific requirements for their home, so it’s important that you’re aware of the main key points of bioethanol fires to make the best decision.

Is the Bioethanol Fire Portable?

One of the first things you’ll want to think about is whether the fireplace is portable. This feature offers convenience and versatility, as it allows you to create different décors, such as using the fire as a focal point. Many GlammFire products are portable and can be easily moved from one room to another; due to their sturdiness, they’re also great to be placed outside. Don’t forget to account for the fire’s weight and dimensions.

GlammFire firepit

What is the Goal of the Fire?

Does your client want a fireplace for the heat or for decorative purposes? There are several different types of outdoor bioethanol fires, and their heat output may vary, so choose the one that will meet your client’s needs. Keep in mind that the bigger the burner, the more biofuel will be used, which means it’s important to select a product that can offer the heat output you’re looking for at great prices.

Is the Fire Safe?

GlammFire pride themselves in their safety and quality standards, and for good reason. Their fires are made only from the best materials and feature the latest in safety technology, such as safety sensors which monitor temperature, flame direction and fuel levels, as well as CO2 sensors in their remote-control fires, which will turn it off once activated.

Each product is rigorously tested to not only meet the demands of the industry but also those of your clientele. This will ensure your clients can enjoy their outdoor fire without worrying about a thing.

Is the Fire Remote-Controlled?

A fantastic feature offered by GlammFire is a remote-control capability; your clients can simply ‘set and forget’, allowing them to enjoy their fire in its entirety when spending time outdoors. Each remote-control bioethanol fireplace manufactured by GlammFire offers unrivalled luxury and convenience.

GlammFire Outdoor Fires

The Portuguese brand has a wide range of outdoor models available.

GlammFire’s outdoor bioethanol firepits are fantastic fires that bring together art and functionality by combining a beautiful contemporary décor with world-class performance. Not only are they full of character, but their design is also flexible – after all, each outdoor space is unique, so you want the outdoor bioethanol firepit to match any décor.

The Stravanganza model is ideal for anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind fire for their patio or garden. In addition, its rounded design easily allows your clients’ guests to gather around the fire for an evening of fun.

stravaganza glammfire fire

The Zarzuela fire is an inspiring piece with a contemporary touch that will look at home no matter where you choose to place it, be it by the pool or your clients’ patio furniture.

zarzuela glammfire fire

While not a bioethanol fire, it’s noteworthy to mention GlammFire’s La Bohème model, which perfectly combines a minimalistic aesthetic with a timeless appeal. This showstopper is the perfect barbecue to add to any garden and will help your clients to both hold on to warmer temperatures and to take full advantage of them.

la boheme glammfire fire

The company’s stunning bioethanol tabletop burners can also be easily placed outdoors, including on a coffee table – perfect to enjoy after-dinner drinks outdoors.

What’s more, GlammFire also offers eco-friendly fireplaces; their ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications showcase the company’s commitment to quality and the environment, perfect for homeowners who seek excellence but are also eco-conscious.

Get in touch with Smart Fire to learn more about our bioethanol fires and how they can elevate any outdoor space to new heights.

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