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What are the Cost Factors of a Smart Fire?

A traditional fire comes with a number of expected costs, including construction, labour, timber for fuel, and customisation and assembly costs associated with bespoke installations. A smart fire, however, is an innovative and environmentally friendly fire that doesn’t require any wood. They are efficient and high-quality, ensuring that your interior design looks sophisticated and stylish.

Smart fires are cost efficient; however, there are still a few simple cost factors to consider.

glammfire burner range bioethanol fireThe Installation Process

Whether you are installing one smart fire or you are considering a mass scale installation, the installation itself typically lasts up to three weeks. An outdoor fire is easily set up within one day but, if you wish to install a bio ethanol fire with a stone finish, for example, some planning will need to be done before you can have your smart fire installed.

You also need to consider the space in which the smart fire will be set up in. If you have a small space you will benefit from a bioethanol burner, chosen to fit the space’s size and shape. Installing a smart fire fireplace provides you with a bigger area to work with and it also offers a choice of covering or fireplace ‘furniture’ for a more stylish fire.

Choosing your smart fire will depend on the space you have, which will, in turn, have an impact on the size of the smart fire that you buy. In addition, you may wish to purchase several smart fires for several locations, which will require you to consider the costs of bio-ethanol fuel for every fire.

No Maintenance Costs

Having a traditional fireplace installed in your home often requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is safe to use. You often need to clean your fireplace of debris, ashes, and dirt, so that there are no fragments that can cause a fire. The chimney also has to be swept, particularly when the fireplace is out of action for a long period of time. Fire and health hazards due to smoke and nearby carpet or plants always need to be checked.

Unlike traditional flue fireplaces, however, a smart fire doesn’t require any of these regular maintenance procedures. As it releases no odours or smoke and there is no wood debris, you are assured to keep money in your pocket by not needing to undertake regular maintenance.

Buying Bio-Ethanol Fuel

Without the need for wood as fuel, smart fires don’t produce any smoke or ash. They utilise bio-ethanol as fuel, which is more environmentally friendly. There is no carbon monoxide associated with the fuel; it releases water vapour, CO2 and heat – which your plants will take in and convert into oxygen for your room.

This green fuel can last approximately 12 hours, depending on the level of oxygen in the room. There is little risk involved in storing the fuel, as it only combusts if there is a flame nearby. You can buy a minimum of 20 litres of bio-ethanol fuel for £48.80 and up to 200 litres for £433.78 and, as you can order it online, it’s a convenient and effortless way of ordering more fuel when you need it.

Costs of Heating

Central heating is typically fixed to the wall, which doesn’t provide a convenient heating solution. With portable burners, however, you can ensure energy efficiency of every room by easily carrying the burners to where you require them.

A seven-litre capacity burner can heat on average approximately 538 square feet and it has a 4kW/h thermal output. Seven litres can last up to 12 hours and, should you buy 200 litres, they will last you for approximately 14 days.

The burning time of bio-ethanol fuel varies depending on oxygen in the room and the purchased model.

GlammFire O-Flut ModelStyling Your Smart Fire

There is a wide choice of parts and accessories available for your smart fire that you may want to consider purchasing at additional costs, and which you can decide upon depending on your interior design and your style. Consider which smart fire you wish to install; an outdoor bioethanol fire can benefit from an outdoor cover, which is rainproof to protect it from adverse weather.

You can also choose decorative pebbles to add a more natural look to your fire, or choose fire screens and top trays for protection against heat transference and accidental spillage. Other accessories such as table grids and safety accessories are also available, to ensure that your smart fire matches your interior design and that it offers a completely safe solution.

Whether you own a hotel, pub, or restaurant, here at Smart Fire, we always ensure that you have the best possible service. Our professional team is experienced in installing smart fires and commercial patio heaters and will guarantee that your smart fire is up to health and safety standards.

Get in touch with us if you want to incorporate a smart fire into your interior design.

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