What You Need to Know About Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters have become a popular heating solution. Despite this, not everyone will know what these heaters are, how they work or how they make fantastic options for homes and commercial venues. Infrared radiant heaters are also great for both indoor and outdoor use and can provide a lot of warmth to any space for little amounts of energy.

We’re proud to offer our own brand of exceptionally-created infrared heaters at Smart Fire, the Igneous. These heaters are suited to even the most demanding of environments and are the perfect addition to any space. But what exactly makes infrared radiant heaters and – in particular, Igneous – so special?

Igneous infrared radiant heater

How do Infrared Heaters Work?

Before discussing the benefits of infrared heaters, it’s important to first understand what infrared is and how it works. Infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation just beyond the red end of the visible light range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The word ‘radiation’ means a process of energy emission; although it’s often thought of as something harmful, infrared radiation is safe and even emitted by the human body, which is how thermal imaging is possible.

Infrared heaters, also known as radiant heaters, work by heating the surface area of a space, instead of its volume (unlike traditional convection heaters), so they don’t need to use as much energy to provide the same amount of heat. Infrared heaters are best-suited for family rooms and open living spaces, and the invisible infrared wavelength warms objects, not the air, so the heaters keep humidity levels consistent.

Benefits of Choosing Infrared Heaters

The reason why infrared heaters are so popular is that they offer a wealth of benefits no matter where they’re installed. Whether installed inside or outside, infrared heating is a beautiful, safe, and environmentally-friendly solution to warming up a space. Some of their advantages include:


Safety is a priority for us, so we understand that it’s a priority for you, as well. Contrary to what some may believe, infrared heating is a lot safer than other types of space heaters, as the temperature of the heating coils never get high enough to harm. In addition, you can rest assured that the heater will be safe even when unsupervised, as it comes with a sheath covering the heating elements.

infrared heaters in outside area


At Smart Fire, we’re big on the environment and on making the planet better. For this reason, we make sure that our fires are also eco-friendly, including our Igneous range. By nature, infrared heaters are incredibly energy-efficient, as they use 100% of the heat they produce and create little to no loss in heat transfer.

Because of the unpredictability of the weather in the UK, most home or business owners will want to ensure a nice and cosy outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round. The Igneous range doesn’t require carbon combustion to operate and doesn’t create toxic by-products or leaks from fuel lines, which means they don’t add harmful substances into the environment.

They require low levels of electricity to operate which, teamed with quick heat recovery and no need to pre-heat, offers an extremely efficient way to heat the home and save money, as well as helping the planet. Our Igneous range also freely powers on and off and is silent; it also doesn’t create wind, light or dust.

Health Benefits

Infrared heaters are not just useful for heating the home; they have antiseptic properties, as well. They produce clean heat, so dirt and particulates are not spread across the house; infrared heaters also reduce the formation of mould, because they prevent moisture from accumulating. Due to the type of heat they produce, which is similar to the sun’s, infrared heaters can boost the immune system, improve blood circulation, and more. This is why you’ll find this type of heating in places like saunas, as well.

Given that they heat surfaces, not the air, there’s no need for a humidifier in winter to combat the dryness caused by traditional heaters, which would cause irritation to people’s eyes and noses.


Igneous is manufactured from aluminium alloy and is a slim, lightweight and maintenance-free heater. Easy to install and with an adjustable thermostat that helps it to perform effectively and economically, the range always has your customers covered.

The sleek and stylish design offers a great degree of versatility to Igneous, allowing it to be placed anywhere, from conservatories and patios to beer gardens and living rooms. Our Igneous heaters come with multiple mounting options, so you can choose the wall or ceiling, according to your client’s preferences.

restaurant's terrace with heaters

Commercial infrared heaters offer efficient directional spot heating that will help your clients to save energy and money, while reducing their carbon footprint. Our Igneous heaters combine style with performance to offer world-class heating to your client’s homes or businesses, so visit our showroom or talk to us if you wish to learn more about how we can help.

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