White room with green armchair and wooden side table

How to Prepare for a House Viewing

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Home for a Viewing:

Did you know that the average house now takes around 65 days to sell, maybe even more dependent on your location? While the smell of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee may seem like a quick and inviting win, there is plenty of research to suggest that selling a property goes much further than that.

White room with green armchair and wooden side table

Everyone knows that the best time to sell a property is in Summer; the sunshine and long daylight hours make the coldest of houses seem inviting, not to mention a pristine garden. However, all the other months shouldn’t be avoided. Sellers just need to know how to prepare for a house viewing. Smart Fire have some insider information from cleaning specialists Vileda, which may help.

Selling a property is a tricky business even for the savviest of property developers. So, what do people really look for when buying a home?

  1. Storage Space

Got an under stairs cupboard where you store all kinds of bits and bobs? Well, research shows that a huge 80% of house viewers will look in your cupboards simply to see how big the storage space is.

Decluttering any spaces which can be used as storage is a must and clearing it out will make it look bigger! When you are clearing up the rest of the house don’t be tempted to shove everything in there – we know you want to!

One of the main reasons people look to invest in a new property is because they have run out of space. Whether this is the number of shelves and bookcases or the number of rooms, be sure to make a point of all the space!

  1. The Views

It was revealed that prospective buyers shoot straight to the windows to check out the view of the surrounding area. In fact, 95% of home viewers make an instant beeline for the views to check out the neighbourhood.

While admiring the views, they also make sure the glass ledges and window seals are sparkling, so be sure the window cleaner gets in all those nooks!

A restricted view is not technically your fault, but we suggest you spend your time wisely and make sure what is visible is perfectly positioned, cleaned and organised!

Take your time analysing your window views and when possible, do what you can. This will have a much better result than you spending your time cleaning the oven, as according to research, no one even looks inside. Phew!

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  1. Distinctive Features

75% of home viewers took notice of standout features such as original fireplaces, which are great selling points for any abode.

Whether a period feature of a modern work of art, you should make sure these are in the spotlight, ensuring your viewer’s eyes will go straight to it.

A fire is a notable feature in any home and can certainly be a big selling point. No matter whether you have a super modern bioethanol fire or a vintage log burner, make sure the flames are roaring.

If you don’t have a fire in your property, consider installing one as they’re not just a distinctive focal point, but they can also add extra value to the building! Bonus!

Whatever your main property features, make sure to flaunt them at their best.

  1. Structure and Building Frame

We all know men and women differ in many ways, and the same goes for viewing a house; men look for certain aspects while women’s eye will go to others. Men spend their viewing time looking at the structure of the property and the features of the grounds or the building, while woman focused more on the personal elements and the furnishings and decoration.

The structure is hugely important to make sure the men are happy; so, any cracks in walls or structural issues, make sure they are sorted before anyone steps through your door!

Don’t forget that first impressions count, so think about your entrance area. Is the doormat clean? Does the front door look a little shabby? Maybe a new doorknob is in order, or maybe a new letterbox and house number. These small touches make your home seem much more welcoming.

  1. The Outside Matters

Your garden could be the ultimate finishing touch to selling your property.  Looking at exterior features and the garden accounted for 22% of the viewer’s focus, with 17% of their entire viewing time spent looking at the outdoor features through the windows.

Spend your preparation time making sure your outdoor area is in perfect condition and make sure the garden boundaries are also clear. With almost a fifth of all house hunters time spent looking over the garden and 35% of buyers basing their entire decision on the homes exterior condition, a top focus should be this!

Curb appeal is very important. After all, it’s the first thing that potential buyers see.

In winter months, while it may not be the typical time for blooming gardens, try and add a new lease of life to the space, give the patio a good clean and try adding some accessories such as bird feeders, cushions, lanterns, candles, and if you have an outdoor fire, make sure it is burning away and the area is clean and tidy.

Terraced Houses in England on a Clear Summer Day

Here at Smart Fire, we understand that the fireplace is the heart of any home. This is why we supply GlammFire bioethanol burners. They aren’t just the perfect statement feature inside and outside the home, but they also are extremely flexible due to the absence of the flue! This means that the new owners of your house can save money and space. If that’s not a selling point we don’t know what is.

Anyone would fall in love with the property that your selling in an instant when they see your stylish and bioethanol fireplace.

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