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How Can I Save Space with a Contemporary Fire?

Gone are the days of restricted space in homes and businesses due to the constant new and innovative design solutions – one of these trends is more modern and contemporary fire styles. Before we got smart with our fires, the installation process and design was much more restrictive, with chimneys, flues and wiring getting in the way of our design dreams.

However, as we progress through time, we progress our minds, and our fires become a way of getting even more creative and saving space. Even more so, contemporary fire choices can now open an endless array of space-saving solutions, making them an excellent choice for any application. But what are these contemporary fire choices, how do they work and how can they save you space?

Portable Perfection

Many choices of contemporary fires give you the option to move them around, meaning there are no space restrictions at all. You could store the fire away throughout summer when you are not using it, or even move it outside where a slight chill may be present.

Especially when you opt for a bio ethanol fireplace, you can pick up your fire and enjoy it anywhere, both indoors and out. Whether you want to put it on a table top or on the floor to heat your feet, it can be done with a bio ethanol smart fire.

The minimalist design of the GlammFire fireplace means that it can also fit into any design and any room, ensuring a focal point for whatever style you may have. Plus, with its safe and clean emissions, putting your smart fire in a small space shouldn’t have to worry you.

Fabulously Flueless

Fires which run on bio ethanol fuel don’t need a chimney, a flue or anything else apart from the fire and the fuel, meaning that space restrictions aren’t an issue. You don’t have to stick to one area simply because that’s where the chimney is. You could even have your fire in the middle of the room if you wanted! If you’ve ever wondered where you can put your smart fire, well believe us, the possibilities are endless.

This not only means that you can save space by putting your fire wherever you desire, but there is no extra financial worry of getting a chimney installed or interrupting any business either.

You won’t find yourself in a situation where you have to make do with what you have – instead, you can make your design dreams come true!

GlammFire firepit
Two Become One

With a smart fire being as flexible and portable as it is, you can combine your smart fire with anything, making way for further space opening. You could use the fire as a centrepiece on a table, combine it with water, a waterfall feature or even insert it into a wall. The location of your smart fire is only as restricted as your imagination allows.

You can truly push the limits of home décor and interior design when it comes to smart fires. From floor to ceiling, if you are restricted for space already, you can fit your fire wherever is possible.

GlammFireAlternative Heating

One of the great benefits within contemporary and modern fire technologies is that they come in all shapes and sizes and ways that they work, fitting into just about any space; this includes the alternative heating options.

Within a business, a fire isn’t always the best option, even though it can add a certain aspect of style to an environment.

Sometimes, alternative heating such as Igneous infrared heaters or Bromic gas and electric heaters can be the better option, especially for outdoor areas. These contemporary alternatives can save you plenty of space as they are usually installed overhead, making for a perfect heating solution and a superb space saving one at that!


Here at Smart Fire, we are proud to say that we can not only provide you with an environmentally-friendly, dream design fire, but one that will save you space and open up a room.

You may believe that space is taken away from you by installing a fireplace; however, times are changing and we can supply you with a space-saving and particularly stylish solutions.

We are just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to call us for a chat. Before you know it, you can have a brand-new room style, and plenty of space saved – all down to an innovative and contemporary smart fire.

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