Burner II

Burner II

The Burner II offers the addition of modern and sleek character to any space.  Its smooth and contemporary stainless-steel design is a décor dream for any interior designer or architect. This bioethanol GlammBox burner is available in a monochrome colour palette, however other colour options are available on request. As the Burner II comes with optional accessories of decorative ceramic wood or white marble stone, there is a design to suit any atmosphere.

This easy to fill and monitor burner is a simplistic yet effective way to add a touch of elegance and warming aesthetic into any room.


Technical Specifications

According to tests carried out by GlammFire themselves, this burner, in the medium position can provide 6 hours of heat with only 2 litres of bioethanol fuel. This burner offers 4 levels of burning at different positions ranging from a low-level heat to peak heat.

The Burner II is accompanied by a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better functioning and increased safety features.

With a humble size, the burner still has plenty of power. The 367 x 86 x 227 fire has the perfect dimensions and power to warm any space without any trouble.

The burner also comes with a key to assist with powering the burner, opening the cover and fan, as well as regulating the flame and a CO detector to ensure optimum safety.

Presenting some of the best safety features, resistance and style in the industry, the Burner II is a stupendous piece of interior design and practicality for homes and businesses. This burner is a hugely popular style option for those with an eye for enhancing the home or business.


Made of stainless steel, with a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better functioning.

  • Mechanical
  • Stainless Steel
  • 8 hours autonomy
  • Available in black (other colours available upon request)
  • Bio-ethanol
  • 367 x 86 x 227
  • 2L capacity
  • Weight : 5,7KG 
  • Accessories : Key, Lighter, Funnel, Container, measuring jug, CO detector.
  • Optional accessories: Optional accessories: Decorative ceramic wood, Decorative white marble stone, bioethanol jug 5L 
  • Power : 3.4Kw