Burner V

Burner V

The Burner V is the epitome of sophistication and style. Its design aspects fit perfectly in any space, from traditional to contemporary. Slightly longer in dimensions than the Burner III, its sleek size fits perfectly in numerous spaces, which is just one reason they are becoming increasingly sought after in projects by architects and interior designers.

Fully made from brushed stainless steel, this bioethanol burner has a contemporary design and outstanding manufacturing quality. Its resistance and safety measures reinforce the sheer excellence in versatility as a highly functional piece that is also decorative within nature.

The Burner V is available in a modern black colour palette; however, it is available in a variety of other colours upon request. It comes with optional accessories of surrounding decorative ceramic wood or white marble stone.

The bioethanol burner is extremely easy to use, with simple filling and monitoring features. This fire is a great asset to any décor whilst bringing practicality to the user.


Technical Specifications

After carrying out rigorous tests, GlammFire discovered that this bioethanol burner, in the medium position can provide 8:30 of burning time, however much like other bioethanol burners, the level of heat can be altered with the key provided.

The burner’s key can assist with turning the burner on and off, open the cover, fan, and regulate the flame and a CO detector to ensure optimum safety.

The Burner V is accompanied by a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better functioning and increased safety features.

This bioethanol fuelled burner, is only powered by 2kW. It has a 3L capacity and astonishingly only weighs 5.5KG. It has the ideal dimensions and power to fit perfectly into any space, providing luxurious style and warmth without any trouble.

The Burner V allows you to be creative with your positioning; the bioethanol fire can be placed within many spaces, from floors to walls and much more. Its design potential seems unstoppable. A fantastic option for homes and businesses around the world, this burner opens a door for a creative and unique interior design project.


Made of stainless steel, with a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better functioning.

  • Mechanical
  • Stainless Steel
  • 8.30 hours autonomy
  • Available in black (other colours available upon request)
  • Bio-ethanol
  • 292 diameter x 93mm
  • 3L capacity
  • Weight : 5,5KG 
  • Accessories : Key, Lighter, Funnel, Container, measuring jug, CO detector.
  • Optional accessories: Decorative ceramic wood, Decorative white marble stone, bioethanol jug 5L
  • Power : 2Kw