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The Environmental Benefits of Bioethanol Fires

With the rise in upcycling, recycling, and reusing, people are looking for further ways they can help the environment. However, your potential clientele may think that fires are aesthetically pleasing but have a big environmental impact.GlammFire firepit

Bioethanol fires, on the other hand, are continuously improving in popularity as more people become more environmentally aware.

When it comes to your fireplace, biofuel is the perfect environmentally-friendly solution, especially if you live a modern line in a modern-style home.

Environmental Benefits of Biofuel

Environmentally, the advantages of using biofuel in fireplaces are clear to see; they include (but are not limited to) the following benefits:

Little to Zero Emissions

Unlike traditional solid fuel or gas fires, biofuel produces no harmful emissions or smoke that pollutes the local atmosphere – its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are minimal and, therefore, negligible. These types of fires also don’t produce carcinogenic substances or other harmful particles.

Their main by-products are heat and water, which means your fire will not pump greenhouse gases into the local environment or contribute to the global issue of climate change, which now threatens the destruction of many of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. For this reason, you can rest assured that these fireplaces are also safe to use indoors, in addition to being one of the most ecologic options available.

No Ventilation

This benefit is linked to the fact that these fires produce almost zero emissions. This is because bioethanol is a reliable source of fuel that doesn’t require you to install a flue or vent and requires little to no maintenance (as it doesn’t produce soot, ash or toxic fumes).

xglammfire_f_b_stravaganza_hd_002-3-1920x1920.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tZXWOBD_cDHeat Retention

Another reason bioethanol fires are environmentally-friendly is because 100% of the heat they generate is kept in the room (since they require no chimney), so warmth is not lost or wasted. Different bioethanol fireplaces will have different burner and heat outputs, so you can have them tailored to your preferences.

Is Biofuel Renewable?

Bioethanol is, indeed, a renewable source of heat, as it doesn’t depend on fossil fuels like gas or coal. It’s also the result of conversion of the sun’s energy into usable energy.

After all, this type of fuel is made from materials such as corn, potato, and sugar, which means that, unlike other common sources of fireplace heating, it’s a resource that will not run out of the natural product used to create it; it also doesn’t cause major damage to the environment during its production process. The whole cycle of bioethanol production starts with photosynthesis, which creates feedstock, like sugar cane, to grow. This feedstock is then processed into ethanol.

In essence, bioethanol is a denatured alcohol that burns clean and doesn’t produce hazardous substances, soot, or smoke, which can’t be said of other types of fires.

Why Are Biofuels Carbon Neutral?

Bioethanol fires are considered to be carbon neutral by many. This is because the amount of carbon dioxide released when burning the fuel is pretty much the same as the amount absorbed by the plants used for its manufacturing.

Growing plants require fertilisers and several fuels are used in their production, for example, meaning that bioethanol is not always be considered 100% carbon neutral by everyone. However, as discussed above, the sugar fermentation process comes from renewable crops like corn and maize, which tend to have a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels.

In addition, when you compare bioethanol to the use of other fuels that release harmful substances into the atmosphere, bioethanol fireplaces are ahead when it comes to eco-friendliness – and they emit little to no emissions when burning biofuel.

xglammfire_dmp_glamm_13-1920x1280.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zcn113824CSmart Fire and Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol fires have become incredibly popular in homes across the country, due to their low maintenance, their ease of installation and, of course, to how environmentally-friendly they are.

We are proud to be a step ahead of the game when it comes to biofuel fires here at Smart Fire and provide bioethanol solutions that we believe to be the future for households everywhere, especially due to their environmental benefits and economic advantages.

Our bioethanol fireplaces are the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious buyer who also loves fashion and contemporary design. After all, our range of bioethanol fires are created with the end user in mind, meaning we invest in the highest possible quality and the most exceptional designs for your projects.

The Importance of High Quality Bioethanol at Smart Fire

There is no denying that your client’s choice of biofuel is an important consideration to make as well. After all, you need to be able to have the peace of mind of knowing that you are not installing a fireplace for a client that doesn’t adhere to their desired aesthetic, as well as ensure that they aren’t burning inferior quality fuel with harmful components in it.

This is why, here at Smart Fire, we make sure to offer only the best quality bioethanol for your fireplace needs!

Browse our range of bioethanol and easily buy biofuel online at great prices, especially if you choose to purchase long-term supplies. You can rest assured that you are choosing the future-proof options with our fires and biofuel!

Get in touch with a member of our team today, or ring us on +44(0)20 7384 1677, to learn more about our bioethanol fires and to ask us any questions you may have about its environmental benefits. We’re more than happy to help with anything you need!

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