Commercial Outdoor Electric Heaters

Commercial Outdoor Electric Heaters

Bromic commercial outdoor electric heaters are an economical, energy-efficient, and effective way of providing a heating solution in the likes of outdoor seating areas for restaurants, bars, commercial garden areas and other leisure and hospitality industries. Our range of commercial electric heaters are available in two different variants: Platinum and Tungsten.

Platinum Electric Heaters

Available in black and white finishes, Platinum commercial electric heaters have been designed explicitly for low-clearance and design focused spaces. The slimline stainless steel, which encompasses the heating element, is corrosion-proof and is paired seamlessly with a Schott tinted ceramic glass screen.

Capable of delivering up to 25% more heat in a smaller footprint enclosure than other products sold on the market today, this range of commercial outdoor electric heaters guarantees high performance. It is an environmentally friendly outdoor heating solution. The heat these commercial electric heaters provide creates ideal comfort levels for patrons outdoors, with various heat distribution options to suit a range of needs.

The stunning design of this range of heaters blends into the background of a space and boasts minimal light emission, so you no longer have to worry about unsightly heating elements in your semi-enclosed spaces. They have minimal vertical clearance requirements, so they can be placed virtually anywhere and have a wide range of wall, ceiling, and flush-mounting options.

Patrons can enjoy a relaxing, heated atmosphere outdoors thanks to the range of mounting options available with commercial outdoor electric heaters, able to complement any décor and provide exceptional functionality for ambience and comfort.

With single switch activation and smart control systems incorporated into these electric heaters, you can take advantage of Bromic’s ‘set-and-forget’ ethos, not to mention the seamless remote control with wireless control accessories for ease of use and total control. The 2300W models can reach 6m² and 10m² for the 3400W model.

Tungsten Electric Heaters

The Tungsten electric heaters are high-performing, radiant heaters for outdoor and semi-enclosed spaces. Boasting high-temperature durability, these commercial outdoor electric heaters are suitable for a variety of environments.

The extended body and heat reflector built into the chassis creates a warm and inviting ambience. The durable, translucent fused quarts element incorporated into the design houses a thick steel coil responsible for creating the warm, red glow.

The innovative mirror-finished Parabolic Specular Reflector (PSR) also improves the efficiency by redirecting any infrared dissipated by the heater back into the room/outdoor space. The honeycomb mesh screen’s unique design maximises the heater’s performance to deliver a superior spread of heat.

Available in the choice of corrosion-resistant black and white finishes, the Tungsten commercial electric heaters can be seamlessly controlled with wireless control accessories for convenience that cannot be beaten.

Using the included bracket, you can easily install the heater to the wall, should you choose. It provides a range of mounting options to suit a wide range of outdoor environments. With models ranging from 2kw – 6kw, you can rest assured that these heaters will efficiently heat your outdoor areas.

Advantages of Bromic Commercial Electric Heaters:

  • Even distribution of warmth and coverage of up to 200ft
  • Elegant aesthetics and modular designs
  • Ceramic burner enables superb heat efficiency
  • Smart safety system
  • Flexible and adjustable heating settings
  • Directional or spot heating as required
  • Resistant to the wind to deliver consistent heat
  • Highly cost-effective
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