Commercial Outdoor Gas Heaters

Commercial Outdoor Gas Heaters

Bromic gas heaters have revolutionised outdoor heating solutions with innovative outdoor gas heaters for commercial and residential applications. The Heating Smart-Heat range combines revolutionary technical advancements with a modern design aesthetic. The brand has carefully considered each outdoor heater’s end user requirements in the gas range to ensure the delivery of the highest standards of efficiency, usability, and performance.

Stylish and unique, the commercial gas heaters range has been designed to blend into any contemporary setting. They are the smart choice for any outdoor space, from a domestic patio area to a commercial dining terrace. Commercial outdoor gas heaters are perfect for the hospitality and leisure industry.

Take advantage of the selection of commercial outdoor gas heaters by choosing from their Platinum and Tungsten gas heater range.

Platinum Gas Heaters

Take a look at our selection of Bromic Platinum gas heaters, which promise to deliver an even dispersal of heat. Built with premium materials, you can count on long-lasting performance and durability. The elegant design of the Platinum gas heaters incorporates industry-leading technology, such as slow-release ceramic burners, which are eco-friendly and allow for far-reaching heat emittance.

These gas heaters incorporate the brand’s patented direct ignition technology, eliminating the need for a pilot light and allowing instant ignition when you need it.

Thanks to the heater’s patented screen and ionisation probe housed within its chassis, the gas heater is equipped to be resistant to the wind with speeds of up to 18km/h or 11mph. With a range of dedicated ceiling and wall mount options, you won’t need to sacrifice floor space, and you will be able to easily position the heater with its pivot bracket, which allows for directional control of the heat direction and coverage.

Thanks to its elegant design, these commercial gas wall heaters will blend seamlessly into the background, projecting comfort evenly across a wide expanse but without being obtrusive.

Tungsten Gas Heaters

The Tungsten commercial outdoor gas heaters are equally as durable and versatile as the Platinum gas heater range. The pivot arm allows for easy positioning, with 25° bi-derivational movement each way for directional heat control. The honeycomb mesh screen housed in these commercial gas heaters innovatively manipulates infrared heat to maximise performance and deliver a superior heat spread.

These commercial gas wall heaters have instantaneous ignition without the need for a pilot light, offering seamless ease of operation. With a range of dedicated ceiling and wall mount options, you can reclaim valuable floor space in your commercial dining terrace or outdoor bar space while providing ideal comfort levels to patrons, thanks to the range of heat distribution options.

Due to the incorporation of the brand’s Smart System, the Tungsten gas heater range is incredibly easy to set up and use and has wireless control capabilities. This range’s seamless design, which includes a stainless-steel casting, ensures that any tampering is prevented. The 300 model can reach up to 15m², and the 500 model can reach 20m². Its innovative technology also ensures reliable functions in wind speeds of up to 8mph.

Advantages of These Commercial Outdoor Gas Heaters:

  • Even distribution of warmth and coverage of up to 200ft
  • Smart safety system
  • Ceramic burner enables superb heat efficiency
  • Elegant aesthetics and modular designs
  • Flexible and adjustable heating settings
  • Directional or spot heating as required
  • Resistant to the wind to deliver consistent heat
  • Highly cost-effective
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