Bromic Platinum Gas

Bromic Platinum Gas

Tungsten gas heaters have robust radiant heat output with an easy pivot arm bracket for positioning versatility. They are of stainless steel build with a high temperature ceramic coating designed for durability. The stylish black finish inspired by a modern industrial aesthetic is perfect for a range of outdoor spaces. A smart control system compatibility allows heaters to be controlled from a remote location. Patented direct ignition system gives reliable activation and effective operation in winds of up to 12 K/h.

The Platinum gas range’s elegant build adds to the visual appeal and natural ambience of any outdoor location. The complementary design that provides warmth and comfort, without drawing attention to itself. Ceramic medium creates an even level of heat dispersion, for efficient, reliable warmth. A strong and robust stainless steel construction combines with a fascia that is sleek and attractive. The heaters have patented technology to guarantee effective heat in winds of up to 14k/h. and have compatibility with smart system controls which means multiple units can be controlled from the one location.

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