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Summer Ambience in a Commercial Setting

Summer brings higher temperatures and lovely weather; warm breezes, birds chirping, and longer days provide the right atmosphere for fun-filled days and evenings. People eat out more often and enjoy sitting outside in pubs and having a nice meal with loved ones.

Creating the right ambience provides your customers with a comfortable setting that will make their experience even better. Eating at a pub or restaurant also involves the other senses, not just taste.

As a business owner, you know that factors such as music, candles, and the right decorations help to set the mood. It even might help them to feel special and to want to return to your establishment! Having a cosy fire is always a good choice, even when the weather stops being so cold.

So, how can a fire in the summer be beneficial for your business?

GlammFire firepitThe Right Atmosphere

Whether indoors or outdoors, a fire always creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Having the right atmosphere is more than adding the right lighting or adding some finishing touches. Fire and warmth have been important for humans for millennia, potentially helping to lower blood pressure. It can also be important for social interactions, helping people to connect as they feel more relaxed.

Bromic heaters, for example, are stylish and innovative heaters that offer the performance you need for the summer season while offering a completely user-friendly display. Outdoor spaces, in particular, benefit from these heaters as they blend in nicely in contemporary settings such as dining terraces. An LG Unit, which are beneficial in pub and hospitalities are additionally advantageous as they are portable.

Preferred Commercial Setting

Having a fire in the summer, such as an outdoor fireplace in a pub, provides your customers with an ideal place they can go to and relax. In addition, it can even make your pub or restaurant the local ‘meeting point’ and turn your business into the pub everyone knows for having a fire in the summer.

Although the weather is more agreeable, some nights can still be quite chilly. A summer fire doesn’t just provide a lovely atmosphere: it also helps to keep warm when the wind blows colder after a sunny day.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Showing your customers how you care about the environment is always positive. A bioethanol burner, for example, provides real heat while being an efficient solution. Producing 12% less greenhouse gas emissions than fuel such as diesel, bioethanol fires emit mainly heat, water vapour, and reduced emissions of CO2. Helping to warm your customers on chilly nights, it helps you to save on energy costs as you don’t have to use electricity.

Browse our product selection or look at our previous projects for inspiration. As professionals with many years of expertise in the industry, we always ensure that you have the highest possible customer service. Whether you need a summer fire for a residential or commercial property, here at SmartFire you are sure to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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