Burner IV

Burner IV

Similar to the Burner I in design aspects, this circular burner is equally as stunning as the rest of the range. Fully made from brushed stainless steel, this bioethanol burner presents a contemporary design alongside the highest standards of manufacturing quality.

The quaint yet effective size of this burner offers a unique styling to any room. It can easily fit into any décor, whether traditional or modern, readily available in black as well as other colours upon request and optional accessories of ceramic wood or white marble stone.

This bioethanol GlammBox burner is extremely easy to use, with simple filling and monitoring features. The burner comes with all the additional assets required to make running this fire as easy as possible. With a jug, a funnel, a lighter, a key and a Carbon Monoxide detector, it couldn’t be simpler.

This fire is a great asset to any décor whilst bringing practicality to the user.


Technical Specifications

After carrying out integral tests, Glammfire discovered that this bioethanol burner, in the medium position, can provide 10 hours of burning time. However, much like other bioethanol burners, the level of heat and burn can be altered with the key provided.

The practical key can assist with turning the burner on and off, open the cover, fan, and regulate the flame and a CO detector to ensure optimum safety.

The Burner IV is accompanied by a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better functioning and increased safety features.

Somewhat bigger in size in comparison to the Burner I, this circular shaped burner measures 950 x 101 x 220 and offers the perfect shape to fit into a variety of interior design projects. It has a capacity of 10L, which for its smaller appearance is a great advantage. The burner weighs 30KG and is powered by 5.9Kw.

The Burner IV provides an alternative option for those looking for an efficient yet stylish bioethanol fire for their interior ideas. Perfect for homes as well as commercial and business spaces everywhere, this bioethanol burner from GlammFire could be the missing piece in your interior design project.


Made of stainless steel, with a flame regulator and an overfill security system for better functioning.

  • Mechanical
  • Stainless Steel
  • 10 hours autonomy
  • Available in black (other colours available upon request)
  • Fuelled by Bio-ethanol
  • 950 x 101 x 220
  • 10L capacity
  • Weight : 30KG 
  • Accessories : Key, Lighter, Funnel, Container, measuring jug, CO detector.
  • Optional accessories: bioethanol jug 5L 
  • Power : 5.9Kw