Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplaces from EcoSmart

Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplaces

Bio-ethanol outdoor fireplaces from EcoSmart are completely portable and use bio ethanol, a renewable and clean burning liquid fuel that produces warming heat without the smoke, soot, ash, or embers of a traditional outdoor wood fire. There is no need for any power connection, which means you can move these bio ethanol fireplaces to different locations as required, or leave them in a permanent position to design a wonderful outdoor space using the fireplace as the focal point.

Bio-ethanol outdoor fireplaces transform a garden area, courtyard, terrace, patio, pool deck, or any other outdoor space into an entertainment area that will become a inviting central meeting point for guests. The radiant flames of an EcoSmart outdoor fireplace will cast a warm glow on any space.

EcoSmart portable fireplaces are versatile, incredibly durable, and are made of heavy-gauge glass and other weather resistant materials. These outdoor fireplaces are designed to last and look great for years, through all seasons. They add a little class to the outdoors that hitherto was not available.