EcoSmart Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

EcoSmartfire bio-ethanol flueless fireplaces

Bio-ethanol Fireplaces & Flueless Fires from EcoSmart Fire

Since 2004, EcoSmart Fire have pioneered the creation of stunning bio-ethanol fireplaces and fire burners, carefully designed for both traditional and modern domestic or commercial settings. Their extensive range of flueless fireplaces and grates produce a beautiful dancing flame, fuelled entirely by Bio-ethanol – a liquid fuel that doesn’t produce smoke when burned – and Bio-ethanol outdoor fireplaces can even be installed within your garden for even greater freedom of design. Endorsed by some of the most respected industry-leaders within 75 countries the world over, EcoSmart fires are developed in-house, independently tested and refined to the most exacting of safety standards, so it's litte wonder that they are the product of choice for high class establishments like hotels. 

Bio-ethanol differs from ordinary fuel in that it’s completely composed of biological substances; e.g. the sugar and starch components of plant by-products. Since its combustion gives off a clean emission and is infinitely renewable, Bio-ethanol fires make sense from an ecological as well as an economic perspective. You can enjoy a stunning open flueless fireplace more easily than ever before in any situation - even without any power supply, such as may be the case in a high-rise building!

EcoSmart Fire also produce bespoke ‘fire furniture’ for clients who desire a unique, yet contemporary, look for their fireplace. Since they don’t produce smoke or soot, these flueless fireplaces require minimal maintenance. The innovative design also means heat can spread evenly throughout the room without energy being lost.

Contemporary, Eco-Friendly & Minimalistic Fireplaces

The EcoSmart Fire range from Smart Fire is ideal for those who are interested in a modern design that is aesthetically minimalistic and eco-friendly. The bio-ethanol fireplace, for example, is a classic example of what EcoSmart Fire has to offer. The ergonomic design is encased in a wrap of glass, and exudes sophistication, ensuring that it’s the focal point of all conversations. The design of flueless fires allows for a swift and efficient installation, meaning these fireplaces can be moved from room to room with ease.

Another favourite of ours in the EcoSmart Fire range is the bio-ethanol firebox. The self-contained fixtures are incredibly easy to install in any room, and are a fantastic alternative to traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces. There are many environmental advantages to installing bio-ethanol fireplaces too; for instance, they don’t emit any harmful noxious gases, which is why they’re also flueless. EcoSmart’s intelligent design policies also meet the safety standards of multiple global bodies, meeting recognised criteria with regards to ignition safety, flame stability and more, so these devices come with UL/ULC, AGA Guidance, SITAC, TUV and DIN 4734-1 approvals, amongst other accolades to confirm their high standards. EcoSmart innovations even reduce the possibility of dangers like fuel spillages and leakage, so you couldn’t ask for a more rigorously refined bio-ethanol fireplace. 

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