Princess Gate, Knightsbridge

Project Description

Smart Fire UK part of £1m redevelopment in Knightsbridge

When interior designer Dominic Parrish wanted a realistic fireplace for his redevelopment of a luxury basement apartment, he turned to Smart Fire UK. The bio-ethanol fire was part of £1M redevelopment of a luxury basement apartment in Princess Gate, Knightsbridge.

The project involved excavating an additional floor to the apartment, thus creating a sub-basement. Being a basement apartment with no access to a chimney or flue, the bio-ethanol fires were seen as the perfect alternative for heating the room.
Having a flat-screen television situated above it, the fire was designed to be the focal point of the contemporary-design room.

Because the fires run on bio-ethanol, a clean burning fuel, they do not require any fume extraction devices, meaning they can be installed virtually anywhere.

London based interior designer Dominic Parrish has been in the industry for the past 15 years, and chose the fires for their style and ease of use.

More Information
The business manager at Smart Fire UK was equally impressed with the project. He commented:
“I think the results at Princess Gate look absolutely stunning, what has been achieved there is really brilliant. Because bio-ethanol is a clean burning fuel the fires emit no fumes, this means they do not need a chimney or flue. The bio-ethanol fires are great in that their design potential is almost limitless. Also they are one of the greenest ways to heat a room. Dominic has designed a fantastic space in Princess Gate and we’re thrilled that he is delighted with the outcome.”

Project Details

I wanted the fire to be the focal point of the room and the beauty with the Bioethanol fires is that they can work in almost any location. The fire is located in a mood room, which looks out onto the garden. I wanted the room to have a really contemporary feel and the fire helps achieve this. This is one of the biggest projects I have worked on and am really pleased at how the fire has turned out.

Dominic Parrish