About Smart Fire – Fires For The Future

About Smart Fire – Fires For The Future

Here at Smart Fire, we are dedicated to sourcing the most advanced, intelligent and environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor heating currently available from our selection of the finest brands operating within this industry today. Smart Fire is a company that understands the importance of efficiency.  Our efficient bioethanol fires and heaters will save you time, money and fuel, and our efficient service will leave you satisfied with the economic and powerful solution you were looking for.

We are fortunate enough to be the trusted suppliers of the finest brands in home and commercial heating; allowing us to provide our customers with a range of heating solutions that are sure to meet their every need inside and outside.

Brands such as GlammFire, one of the industry’s leading developers of environmentally conscious indoor heating solutions. Their stylish range of indoor bioethanol burners and fireboxes provide our customers with a fantastic and stylish choice for a fireplace. The fuel they run on is bio ethanol, a type of clean burning flammable liquid, responsibly sourced from agriculture. Without the production of smoke or noxious gases, GlammFire provide customers with the luxury of unique firebox design that focuses on the importance of aesthetics and convenience rather than smoke extraction and crucial heat loss through chimneys.

Sourcing superior quality of design from all over the world, Smart Fire feature two ranges of outdoor heaters in addition to GlammFire. Brand whose range of Infrared heaters create a cosy ambient heat whilst keeping heat loss at a minimum. This conservation of energy is achieved through the unique physical design of their outdoor heaters in combination with the infrared technology that provides unobtrusive heat that is economic in energy use and running costs.

Smart Fire also offers our own brand Igneous which, while a similar concept of heater to the Heatstrip brand, come direct from China to us at a lower price for projects where budget is crucial.


Bromic Heaters is a supplier of premium outdoor heating solutions from Australia to the commercial and residential markets. They have revolutionised the industry by introducing forward thinking products that feature a range of benefits never before seen in traditional gas or electric heaters.

By working with these exceptional brands, Smart Fire and our customers are able to participate in the development of more sustainable energy. These environmentally conscious brands share our vision of carbon neutral heating solutions that can provide the same ambient cosy atmosphere without any of the poisonous and harmful emissions of traditional heating systems, and we are delighted to be able to share that same vision with our customers.