Bio Ethanol Burners from EcoSmart

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EcoSmart Bio Eethanol Burners Designed for Longevity

EcoSmart bio ethanol burners are designed and created from high quality, 304 grade stainless steel. Thanks to a dedicated team of engineers, your customers will receive a contemporary eco-friendly fireplace that will never fail when you choose this model. The sliders won’t jam, the shut-off systems won’t bow and the flame will only ever ignite from the dedicated burning area.

Some advantages of our EcoSmart Bio Ethanol Burners:

- Flame that’s both real and natural

- Available in traditional and modern styles

- The effect of an open fire without any problems concerning heat loss

- Absolutely no fumes or odours

- No chimney or flue necessary

- Easy to operate and requiring minimal maintenance

Superior Design Inside & Out

These fireplace burners are designed to be efficient without compromising on appearance, as you'd expect from a product of award-winning design. From the built-in regulatory systems that allow control of running costs, to the integrated baffles of the XL and Around Burner models - which reduce the impact of the wind on the flame - through to the stainless-steel mesh that insulates fuel chambers across the range, there’s plenty of stylish choices.

Due to the high wind-resistance of these bio ethanol burners, as well as the elimination of power sources, such as electricity or gas, these fires are ideal for installation either inside or outside as a result of having no connections. As EcoSmart bio ethanol fireplace burner kits are self-contained, and run on bio ethanol fuel (which emits no toxic fumes), there is no need for a flue or a chimney either. This, in turn, allows for a greater yield of heat efficiency throughout a room, as it cannot dissipate.

In addition to the fantastic benefits of EcoSmart bio ethanol burners, such as eco-friendliness and various ergonomic design options, the installation process is fast and hassle-free, making them an ideal ‘plug-in-and-play’ alternative to traditional fireplaces that utilise gas, electricity or wood. The burners can also be washed in hot water or even using a dishwasher, so they're supremely easy to clean.

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EcoSmart bio ethanol burners are the products of choice and have been recommended by many world-renowned architects and designers. Where quality, design, reliability and safety count, professionals and private clients alike choose EcoSmart Fire.

If you have any queries regarding the EcoSmart Fire bio ethanol kits we supply, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, as we are the leading UK distributor. You can contact us either by phone on 020 7384 1677, via email, or by filling out our quick and simple online contact form.